Whack Your Zombie Neighbour: All Kills

Whack Your Zombie Neighbour Game

There are currently 12 ways to whack your zombie neighbour in the game, more are coming soon!

  • (1) Football: Near Patrick and Whisky.
  • (2) Baseball Bat + Baseball: Bat next to Patrick, Baseball next to Lisa's sun lounge.
  • (3) Golf Clubs + Golf Balls: Golf Clubs are in the Garage, Golf Balls are over in the top left corner behind the swimming pool.
  • (4) Basketball: In the Shed in the bottom left corner.
  • (5) Petrol Can + Lighter + Tennis Ball Machine: Petrol is in the garage under the table, Lighter is in Patrick's pocket, Tennis Ball Machine is in in bottom right corner
  • (6) Fencing Sword: In the Shed
  • (7) Archery Bow + Puffer Shed: Bow is in the Shed, Puffer Fish is in the Garage
  • (8) Cricket Bat + Wickets + Ball: Cricket bat is next to the tennis ball machine. Cricket Wickets are in the garage. Cricket ball is in front of the shed.
  • (9) Polo Stick + Horse: Polo stick is next to Whisky's dog house. Horse is in the background in the top left of the screen.
  • (10) Wonder Grow + Tree + Log: Wonder Grow is to the right of the car next to the house. Tree - not hard to find! Log is to the left of the tree.
  • (11) Wonder Grow + Tree + Tennis Racquet: Same as above except tennis racquet is behind Patrick's chair.
  • (12) Rope: Rope is in the garage on the table.
  • (13) Fishing Rod + Fishing Rod: Both fishing rods are to the left of the swimming pool.