Wild West Boxing Game

Wild West Boxing Game

Classic flash-based boxing action where ducking and weaving is paramount

Boxing Hype and Stereotypes

The American Frontier and the all of the things that go with it like the traditional image of the cowboy, mile upon mile of ranches, and saloon-style doors, are all images that one would conjure up in their minds eye the instant anyone mentions the Wild West. One may also be reminded of several western films such as Django Unchained and The Wild Wild West, though for the life of me I cannot seem to remember there being much boxing in either film. Come to think of it, the stereotypical images of ‘mericans getting into duels at a pre-agreed number of paces and tumbleweeds passing over the sand don’t involve boxing gloves or the sport of boxing in any shape or form.


Wild West Boxing doesn't have anything on Outlaws!

It is for this anomalistic reason  that Wild West Boxing Tournament caught my eye, since the very title itself seemed oxymoronic, and having been a huge fan of the cartoonish first-person shooter Outlaws, I wanted to see what a first-person boxing game set in the wild west could offer me, besides some classic and predictable stereotypes of character and style.

Roll With The Punches

The first-person format of Wild West Boxing Tournament initially caught my eye since as a general rule in my head, first-person shooters are always, and I mean always better than third-person ones by their very format, and I desperately wanted to see if this theory applied to beat-em-up style games as well. The idea is simple, which is the travelling across the land and engaging in short, separate boxing matches with different opponents, and all in the first-person perspective with your gloves visible on either side of the screen. Simpler still are the controls, which are Z and C for left and right punches respectively, X for an uppercut, and the spacebar is used to block. The idea is to reduce your opponent’s health bar to emptiness before he manages to do the same to yours. You must also pay close attention to your stamina bar since moves cost you small amounts of stamina; upon your stamina bar becoming empty, you are left vulnerable since you must wait for it to replenish before you can throw any more punches.

The idea of a first-person boxing game is quite an exciting one, particularly since you don’t see many games of this style very often on the internet since most are third-person offerings like Side Ring Knockout. Though the distinctive western style certainly gives the game some character, this merit doesn’t really permeate the gameplay itself, which is fairly repetitive and offers very little variation aside from the selection of different opponents to fight against. If you take away the Wild West style and the novelty of the first-person perspective, you’re simply left with a button-pressing game that involves repeatedly blocking and punching your opponent in a monotonous fashion. Without a series of upgrades, there really isn’t much of an incentive for players to continue playing beyond the first few rounds, making Wild West Boxing Tournament an exception to my aforementioned rule of first-person anything being better than anything set in the third-person. I really wanted to like this game but it truly didn’t give me any reason to, hence the devastatingly low score I’ve given it below.

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