5 Minutes to Kill Yourself Wedding Game

Suicide can be a welcome alternative to getting married...

Play as either the bride or groom and find the best way to kill yourself as opposed to marrying your future partner. Stuck at the wedding ceremony in front of all your friends and family, having second thoughts of whether you want to be with the person opposite? Wouldn't it be embarassing to turn them down after all the big plans? Well take the coward's route out and go and commit suicide instead! 5 minutes to Kill Yourself: wedding edition is a fun suicidal wedding puzzle game with some very gruesome ways to lay siege to yourself to avoid the embarassment of the big day going sour, enjoy!

So Much to Do in: 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself Wedding Day

Adult Swim's 5 minutes series has been a great source of comical fun when it comes to having virtual suicides. Because face it, virtual violence is a form of self abuse that would never even need a single band aid, and even manages to give you a couple of good laughs. For the Wedding Day edition, players get to take control of a bride or a groom as they try to find ways to kill themselves in the limited time of five minutes.

The Scenario

One of the great things we appreciate about this game is the fact that there is an actual backstory to it. Of course, nothing too deep or philosophical, but more than enough to provide a basis for the game; the intro starts out with a couple of strangers in a bar drinking to their hearts content. Several bottles later, the two are drunk and in their inebriated state, decide to tie the knot (so to speak). And thus begins the major dilemma of the bride and groom. Both know that they are entering an unhappy union, but neither knows how to back out gracefully -and as they find themselves side by side on the altar, they realize that all that faces them, in the end, is an unfulfilling life and eventually death.

And much like any 5 Minutes to Kill scenario, the solution the couple chooses is insanely hilarious: find a way to off themselves instead of saying I Do.

The Delivery

There is plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor in the game, as well as plenty of adult related concepts that are obviously quite difficult to explain to young children -with that said; this is a game for adults -particularly for those who can appreciate the weight of a relationship and be able to have a healthy laugh about it. For those who are in a more emotionally sensitive state -this game can either be a good way to let some stress out or it may make the player feel more bitter and experience a degree of resentment towards themselves or others. In the end, approach this satirical game with a bit of caution.

The visuals are very detailed and at many times, full of cartoon violence. So expect to see plenty of blood splatters and similar effects. Fortunately, the level of grossness in the game is kept to a minimum. Aside from a few instances where a character throws up after ingesting a vile substance, there is no depiction of decapitated limbs or entrails in the game. The animations are quite vivid, clearly showing to players the various forms of punishment and pains that the characters undergo in order to kill themselves.

As you go around the wedding area, it is easy to appreciate the various details that have been put in -despite the fact that you will not be able to interact will the visual elements (like the costumed guests standing south of the church area.

The music is also quite lively as well, providing players with a matching atmosphere to the mood of the event. The sound effects are even better -they make every single suicide attempt seem more real and tactile. From the crackling fire to small explosions to bloody knife stabs, the sound effects will make you both cringe and laugh at the same time.


From beginning to end, the game only needs to use the mouse -except for that part in character creation where you input a custom name. All you need to do is to click at the appropriate part of the screen and you are set to go. The menus in the character creation screen are quite easy to follow and the selections provide players with enough choices to create comical likenesses of yourself or people you know.

For the actual gameplay proper, it all boils down to exploring as much of the map as fast as you can and triggering as many events as possible. Of course, once you have played through the game a couple of times, you will certainly want to head to new locations and try out the different interactive elements that are present.

Some interactions are not simply triggered by just walking up to the location. There are times when you first need to pick up a pre-requisite item that you can then bring to another spot which will then start an event.

The great thing about 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself is the fact that the suicide attempts are all pretty funny to look at. From getting hit by a chunk of meat to being impaled by an ice sculpture, players will find that the process of killing oneself can is something that inspires both creativity and imagination.

A Deeper Point of View

One might say that this game has a very shallow plot, and on the surface that is pretty much all that the game needs to be. Chances are, even the developers themselves simply considered this game to be something that would get people to laugh, and nothing more. Of course, for those playing, it can be a whole different experience. The concept of suicides, self-inflicted pains, marriage, fears of commitment, avoidance and other psycho-social issues can be a very hard subject to broach, and a game like this makes the process a whole lot easier by reminding us all that it does not take much to get one to laugh and smile. Of course, it also goes without saying that one should never try character's actions in the game in real life.

5 Minutes to Kill Yourself Wedding Day is a complete game in and around itself. It has a reasonable plot, a hilarious delivery and a gameplay that makes one enjoy rather than feel pressured. In many ways, this is more of a pastime than it is a game, but if that is exactly what you are looking for, then this is the perfect title for you. We give this game a shotgun wielding father's 85/100.

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