5 Minutes to Kill Yourself Reloaded Game

Help Your Dude Commit Suicide in a Rendition of the First Game!

The return of the original 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself game sees many more opportunities for self harm. From little shop of horrors giant plants munching away on you to a pool of sulphuric acid this enhanced version leaves little to the imagination of the possible ways to commit suicide!

We love the new animation cut scenes for every method available, in the original there were basic graphical views of the guy hurting himself. You can tell Adult Swim have gone to a lot of trouble in revamping the older version and we love it for the fun factor even though the challenge of killing yourself in 5 minutes may have got a hell of a lot easier. Reload your will to die and start cutting yourself up big time in this very bloody and hilarious revisit.

5 Minutes to Kill Yourself Reloaded Game Play 5 Minutes to Kill Reloaded Yourself