5 Minutes to Kill Yourself Airport Game

How we hate aiport queues...

Have you ever been waiting in line at the airport feeling like you're never going to check in on time, those rediculous queues with the airlines and yet you pay enough money for them to staff the check in desks more...Ditch the stress of the airport in Kill Yourself airport edition as you opt for suicide instead or missing your plane. There are plenty of inventive ways to commit suicide at the airport you just need find them all.

Unlike Whack Your Boss the Kill Yourself games allow you to move around in many common environments and have much more about them as games. They are really fun to play and some very gruesome deaths await the click of your mouse or indeed the touch of your screen as the series goes mobile. The animation is almost 3D like in a way which gives you a sense of a much more indepth and creative set of games. Some the deaths that await you can be found below!

Airport Suicides

Big Love

You can really feel the love here, especially in between these two healthy sized ladies!

Kill Yourself airport big love

Emotional Baggage

Sometimes it's best not to talk to people who look a bit upset - even if it's something as innocent as loosing your baggage at the airport!

Kill Yourself airport emotional baggage

Flower Power

Airport security are not to be trifled with, even when your intentions maybe good!

Kill Yourself airport flower power
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