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If your fedup of your wife and don't want to take things to the extreme in reality (I advise you do not!) just log on to our site and choose from many objects to whack your wife with in this hilarious and violent cartoon game. This is by far the best thing you can do to releviate stress when browsing the internet and being angry at your wife.

So what choices are available to you in order to whack your wife? Well these are as follows:

  • Smack your wife over the head with a laptop repeatedly until shes very bloody and basically dead. (laptop)
  • Dog poo that you blast into your wife's face through a pump machine! (pile of poo)
  • A bricked house from which you shoot your wife through the head with an undisclosed weapon (brick)
  • A monkey gives your wife a party hat and balloons which send her flying into the air as she then plummets to her bloody death (party hat)
  • A box of chocolates that when opened reveals a coil loaded custard pie that splats in your wifes face, followed by a meat cleaver which slices your wifes head off! (heart shaped box of chocolates)
  • A present that your wife opens revealing a rocket jet pack that you strap around your shoulders before firing yourself off into the distance whilst incinerating all your wifes flesh leaving her skeleton behind. (present number 2)
  • Whack your wife by first waving and smiling at her (atleast that's who she thinks your flirting with!) before running off the screen to drag a blond hair stunner back and then whack your wife to the floor and stand on her head! (shoe on left)
  • You fool your wife into thinking you love her by hiring an aeroplane to fly in the sky in the distance, making a heart out of its fuel before pulling out a chain saw and cutting her in to two! (aeroplane)
  • You set fire to her large shoe collection after spilling them all out of her wardrobe, much to your wife's dismay. (shoe on right)