Whack Your Teacher: 2nd Game with the Killer Kid

Whack Your Teacher

About the cartoon where you take revenge on the teacher!

Don't Whack Your Teacher is the 2nd game designed by Box 10 and is not associated with the cartoon series by Doodie cartoons. However the game shares very similar features to the likes of Whack Your Boss and Whack Your Computer by Doodie.

Your aim playing as the kid is to find all the ways to kill your teacher instead. Objects are placed in various locations around the teacher's office and you must locate all 13 to complete the game. The game is fairly easy to complete and you should have it mastered within 30 minutes tops.

The animations of the various ways to hit the teacher marry up well with that of Doodie cartoons with graphical details shown of blood splattered all over the teacher and his desk, of various weapons being plunged into the teachers face and neck and even a sequence where the teacher is forced out of his office window by a swarm of bees and a flying kick from his student!

The white washed backgrounds and heavy grey lines are similar to Whack Your Boss with a slightly higher level of detail.

Considering how difficult it must be to create a game similar to the well animated doodie series, Box 10 have done a great job of making some of the violent sequences very enjoyable and fun to watch, they certainly match previous chapters for entertainment value. Also some new original objects are used that do not appear in the Whack Your Boss. For example the jar of bees, the insect repellant sprayer (my favourite) and the kettle will stop your annoying teacher's relentless jabberings.

The baseball bat sequence has to be the most brutal way to. Here you take the bat and swing right into the teacher's face. Once he falls to the fall the kid then persists on walking around the room after him and repeatedly beating him over the head as he crawls around looking for a desperate way to survive the ordeal.

I think one thing that is really missing from this game (and this is a real shame because the rest of the game can't be knocked) is a good annoying rant from the teacher. In whack your boss the boss's constant jabberings at the employee do actually make you feel angry as the worker and you can empathise with the employee's reaction of hitting his boss. The boss' speech goes on for a while and is cleverly written about the classic slave labour job that many underskilled americans unfortunately have to do every day (the overworked and underpaid scenario). You almost get the urge to want to bash him yourself. But in the Don't Whack Your Teacher the old man doesn't really say anything to make you or the boy you control feel angry. He murmers all the way through the game which is a bit of a disappointment. A bit of witty and demoralising language would have gone down a treat with fans of the game. With the speech virtually non existent it leaves players feeling a little neutral when choosing a weapon to hit the target with. This is something where the Doodie game most definately has the upper hand.

Hopefully Box 10 will bring out another version of everyone's favourite "how to kill your teacher" fantasy game shortly with some dialogue and plenty more objects to use in the classroom to use! Why not try find all 13 ways now or if your struggling to get them consult our guide here.

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