Whack Your Soulmate

Has your soulmate really upset you before and left you in tears? Is it hard to mend your broken heart because he or she has left you for another person? Then it's time to turn angry and whack your soulmate in this funny cartoon.

This cartoon is designed to allow you to take out the most brutal form of revenge in a fantasy to avoid you doing something you may regret in reality! It's time to kick some butt as you use a whole host of objects and scenarios in which to whack your soulmate.

  • His Revenge
  • Use a laptop to knock the living daylights out of her until her head is like a squashed tomatoe. (laptop)
  • Blast dog dirt into her face (pile of poo)
  • Shoot your soulmate's head off through a bricked house (brick)
  • Let her float off into the distance with a bunch of balloons and fall to her painful death (party hat)
  • A heart shaped present that unleashes a cleaver type weapon that whack's your soulmate's head off (heart shaped box of chocolates)
  • The second present reveals a jet pack that allows you to fry your soulmate to death (present number 2)
  • Stand on her head after choosing a blond bombshell over her (shoe on left)
  • Whack your soulmate by taking a chain saw to his head (aeroplane)
  • Burn all her beloved shoes! (shoe on right)
  • Her Revenge
  • Drive off and leave him behind shooting him in the head (car)
  • Box your soulmate to death (boxing gloves)
  • Bazooka your soulmate after he chooses to watch television instead of spending time with you (couch)
  • Beat him down and then poo on his face (fist)
  • Poke his eye out by poking your finger through the key hole when he tries to look at you kissing another woman (woman)
  • Chop his head off with a sword (sword - but it only shows the sword handle, its directly below the woman)
  • Drop a shark on your soulmate's head and watch how it disembowls him (Lever)
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