Whack Your Neighbour Crazy Edition

Whack Your Neighbour Crazy Edition

The Most Creative and Crazy Whack Game Yet!

Where as Whack the Serial Killer maybe our most gruesome whack game yet, Whack Your Neighbour Crazy Edition will certainly be our most craziest, creative and comprehensive game to date.

The game is being created completely in house using a new game engine - Unity. It will feature Patrick, Lisa, Whisky, Whiskers (the cat) and Patrick's mother vs the Neighbour, his pet dog a Rottweiler and the neighbours friend. Yes this game will be as much about Neighbour warfare as a game about 1 vs 1.

We will be releasing this game in two stages for people to play. Right now the plan is (although this could change):

  • Stage 1 could possibly be a free version for the first 10 ways to be released to play in your web browser and on mobile. This game will feature basic ways with point and click as the games work now.
  • Stage 2 will be our first Steam, PS4 and Xbox One version and will be released as a paid for game. This will feature up to 30 ways and include more characters not seen in the free version such as Whiskers the Cat, Patrick's Mum and the Neighbours Rottweiler dog. Additional functionality towards solving puzzles, holding small items in your inventory to find even more insane ways to whack the neighbour and text speech will be included. The map for this game will also be larger than the free version.
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