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Whack Your Lecturer

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About the animation game where you kill your lecturer!

The intro to the whack your lecturer game is hilarious. It shows kids in a class room sat looking at the teacher scribbling on the board. One of the kids tosses a ruler into the back of the teachers head and blood splurts everywhere. The lecturer cries - this is an outrage!

The kid who did it features in the game sat listening to the lecturer tell him off over what happend.

Now's your time to exact your revenge on your annoying lecturer who you can't stand. If you can manage to locate all 13 objects in his office you can find a whole variety of hilarious ways to whack your lecturer. I'd advise you try the baseball bat out for size and that's the only one I will give away.

Here you can wrap it around the lecturer's face and turn him into a tomatoe. As he crawls perfeticly around the floor trying to survive you will see how the young boy finishes the job with no mercy whatsoever!

This game has many similarities to the Doodie games but should not be mistaken as being part of that series, this is a whole separate game created by Box10.