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Whack Your Husband

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Fedup of your husband? Is he cheating? Or is he just proving to be a real pain in the backside? It's time to whack your husband and teach him a lesson for being a real jerk and we have just the solution for you!

The whack your ex game is a very funny cartoon where you can choose various ways to kill each other (saving you the hassle of doing it in real life!). Of course there are also some items that he can use against you so I have written a little guide below to make sure you don't choose the wrong objects and kill yourself! Enjoy whacking your husband to death in this game by doodie.com

  • You drive off with your father (atleast I think he looks old enough to be your dad!) and then one of you shoots your husband. (car)
  • Boxing gloves that you snuggly fit to your hands before punching the living day lights out of your husband even when he falls to the floor! (boxing gloves)
  • Your husband is given a plasma screen tv and a couch to lounge on. Once he's settled you pull out a bazooka and blow his precious television to smithereens and then turn on him to his surprise. He tries to flee the scene but your aim and arsenal are far too fast for his perfetic attempt to escape! (couch)
  • This one is rather gross! You uppercut your husband in the stomach knocking all the wind out of him before delivering another blow to his head leaving him with concusion. Then you turn around and do a huge poo on his face which rolls over his mouth. (fist)
  • You start snogging another beautiful woman which gets your husband very excited before a door falls and blocks his dirty face. He then tries to sneak a peak through the key hole and you poke his eye out with a finger thrust! (woman)
  • You slice your husbands head off with a sword as he attempts to flee the scene, his body is still running away and his head falls to the ground spilling blood everywhere. (sword - but it only shows the sword handle, its directly below the woman)
  • You drop a huge man eating shark onto your husbands head which latches on to him eating him alive and his runs off into the distance trying to swirm out of it. (Lever)