Whack Your Ex Girlfriend (or Boyfriend)

About the Revenge Game for Your Ex

Whack Your Ex Girlfriend

Ever been dumped and left destroyed by your ex girlfriend? Or maybe you're having a torrid time in your current relationship and your girlfriend is driving you nuts! Do you feel that you have wasted valuable years of your life? Well here is a flash game where you can seek to take revenge, without ending up in jail!

whack your ex girlfriend or boyfriend is an anger management flash game that allows you to bludgeon your ex. As you start you will see two characters, one male and one female, just standing around waiting for the chaos. Underneath them, you will see a selection of 17 methods you can use to see your partner's demise.

Here are some of the ways that you can beat your ex to a bloody pulp, or rip their heart out:

Rocket launcher, down the bottom you will see a brown chair, when you click this, a chair appears along with a television (probably showing sky sports) and a beer. The missus does not take too kindly to being palmed off, and will blow the television up with her rocket launcher before turning it on you.

Credit card, the missus purchases a bunch of expensive items including a jacket, tiara and a charming little sporty car, however, he soon realises that his credit card has gone missing. The cheeky missus has stolen his card, and before you know it the girlfriend has jumped into her brand new ride and knocked you down.

Laptop computer, probably not the most imaginative of weapon choices, but still funny! The husband takes out his laptop computer and beets his ex senseless!

Hide out, a hand from the side of the screen offers the man more bricks then he knows what to do with, so the man takes the bricks and builds himself a little hide a way. When he has finished, the ex pops her head in to see the den, big mistake, as she will soon be blown to kingdom come!

Above are just four ways out of 17 that you can annihilate your ex by whacking your ex girlfriend.

If you can take things with a pinch of salt then Whack your ex is a frightfully funny cartoon flash game to play. Some of the ways are not what you will expect, some are disgusting, some are imaginative and some are just plain wacky. I guess the developer was not too keen on his ex! This is one of those games that will be circulating your office e-mail system for years to come, so lets start doing some whacking now!.

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