Whack Your Computer 12 Ways

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We have all reached a point where we feel like smashing the living day lights out of our computer for one reason or another. It may be that your computer has contracted a virus from using the internet or that for some reason a big fat juicy windows error has suddenley started to pop up everytime you load your computer up. Worse still it could simply be that your computer has got slower and slower and now runs like a snail on canabis.

One thing is certain, you need an outlet to vent that anger, the fury you have for your computer, you need to...whack your computer. Do it now!

WARNING! Don't scroll down any further unless you want to know all 12 Ways to whack your computer!

  1. Sledge Hammer: Peeling back a secret part of your office painting, you reveal a sledge hammer and with your blond bimbo at hand to mark a cross on your laptop, your ready to smash it out of the window and hit a whopping home run!
  2. Air Assault: Make a secret phone call to the US Air Force and call in an air strike on your office, sure it blows up every other thing thats in there, but you certainly have whacked your computer big time!
  3. The Fancy Ornament: It's too heavy to drag across to your desk and your too weak to dislodge it, so why not frisbie your computer against it and watch it slice in half!
  4. Gold Fish Bowl: My personal favourite, take the gold fish bowl from behind his desk (a bit to the right) and poor the water over your computer! Bobs your uncle you have now successfully broken your computer and also electrified yourself in the process. Enjoy the animation.
  5. Dynamite: This is a sneaky one. It's located in the 5th panel from the left of the small table where the ornament in placed on. Other other words the panel directly behind the woman's chair. Take the dynamite and stick it in the laptop cd holder, kaboom you have now blown everything up in your office! was it worth it?
  6. Mad Stamp:You don't need any fancy ornaments and air strikes here, just a good old fashioned stamp of your foot should do the trick. Click on your left foot that's just showing a litte out from the desk and watch yourself go to work on the laptop, take that you cheap piece of chinese electronic garbage!
  7. The Computer Itself: Yes its probably the most obvious one going but I bet like me a few of you didn't think about clicking on the computer first! Watch yourself smash the laptop against the desk and umpteenth amount of times until it ends up in tiny little pieces.
  8. Electric Chain Saw: This time its the right panel of the table behind where your sitting, pull out that chain saw and chop your computer and desk in half. Just make sure you keep control of it for god sake, you don't want to whack the gorgeous looking woman you have watching over you.

There you have it, all 12 Ways to whack your computer, I hope my guide proved useful to you.

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