Whack Your Boss 4: Office Murder

The Game that Started the Series!

Whack Your Boss 4

The game that started it all, get's an upgrade to 24 kills. Whack Your Boss 4 is the fourth update to the game which now features plenty more ways to whack that annoying jabbering boss of yours that never seems to stop complaining about you.

While the effects of the game haven't been improved we do appreciate this game has still received some love and tender care from the creator, even though it is so old now.

The image above is from the cartoon land edition of the game on the Playstore but the flash version you can play here still features all the blood and crazy ways you have come to love about this original game.

We would also recommend you check out the fantasy version of the game that was released more recently.

whack your boss fantasy edition

The fantasy edition features many more hilarious and bloody ways to shut up your boss.

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