Whack Your Boss 30 Ways: Zombie Edition

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The Guide to Beating Your Boss in 20 Ways

WARNING! Don't scroll down any further unless you want to know all 20 ways to complete don't whack your boss

Whack Your Boss 30 ways is one of the most popular cartoon violence games on the net. It get's over 1 million regular monthly visitors but what makes the game so addictive to office workers and school kids? Well it has to be the realistic cartoon violence created by Doodie.com.

With 20 different instruments to use to whack your boss it provides a wide variety of funny ways to watch you kill your boss. It is also a very good destresser that in real life is non violent! Rather than actually even think of doing what this cartoon does, you can just select one of the 20 ways to whack your annoying boss, sit back and relax as your disgruntled office worker does the rest! Enjoy 30 ways to whack your boss at our site today.