17 ways to whack your boss

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The Guide to Whacking Your Boss All 17 Ways

WARNING! Don't scroll down any further unless you want to know all 17 ways to whack your boss!

17 ways to whack your boss
  1. Dispose of your boss by using his own pencil and stabbing him in the back of the neck.
  2. Whack your boss with the file cabinet drawer by slamming it shut on his head.
  3. Beat him in the face with your hands.
  4. Tie him up in your chair with your belt and push him and the chair out of the high-rise window.
  5. Whack your boss repeatedly with your coffee cup.
  6. Slit his throat with the pair of scissors.
  7. Whack your boss over the head with the computer monitor.
  8. Slam your boss's head into the cabinet above your computer.
  9. Use your keyboard to bash his head in.
  10. Stab him in the heart with the umbrella.
  11. Use the trash can on that annoying pompous face of his!
  12. Hit him with the stapler and then staple his head.
  13. Whack your boss with a cool throw of the ruler to the forehead.
  14. Hit him with your briefcase.
  15. Take him to the other side of the wall and beating him senseless.
  16. Drown him with the water cooler.
  17. Slam him into the coat peg.

Do you have penned up anger at your boss? Do you have dreams where you slapped your boss, threw him out of the twentieth floor window, or just bashed his head in? Of course, if you followed through with your plot to rid the world of this evil boss, you would find yourself in prison on death row. The answer to all this anger is to play a game of Whack Your Boss.

Even if you cannot get online at work and find some relief, you can at least use the Whack your Boss 17 Ways game in the privacy of your home after work. Instead of taking a hot bubble bath with lit candles with the hopes of relaxing and ridding your soul of the anger, or spending your hard earned money paying for anger management classes, you can now use this game to get rid of anger.

The game begins as the boss walks into your cubicle and begins battering and badgering you, making you feel lower on the food chain than an ant. Your mind starts buzzing and you begin to glance around the room at all the objects you might be able to use to shut him up. You may not believe it until you try, but there are 17 ways to whack your boss that will certainly do the job.

As you listen to the boss go on and on while his words are pounding in your head, move your cursor around the office. 17 objects in the office will light up. These objects can be used to whack your boss in some hilarious and bloody ways, at least in the game.

What do you see you would like to use to beat your boss 17 ways? The trashcan, the stapler, your own office chair, the file drawer, or that pencil in his hand, could all be used. Click on any item you wish and watch as the employee plays out your fantasy. An example would be to use the trashcan. The first smack and the boss only looks at you and yells, "You're fired". Who would imagine that one hit would not stop his chattering? So, you hit him again over and over and he still has the nerve to tell you he is going to have you arrested. That's enough, you hit him again and again until he know longer moves and there is blood everywhere. Okay, sit down, take out your iPod and relax. Oh, click cleaner, so the mysterious man in the shadows will clean up the mess.

Now, you can enjoy whacking your boss in 17 different ways and watch the blood ooze all over the place. If you can't handle it any longer, just start playing the game, before long you will not care what your boss has to say as you can handle the situation by whacking him with your keyboard in the game, of course. You do not even have to clean up the mess. How cool is that? Just keep searching, you will find all 17 ways in no time.