Pinata Hunter Game

Time to whack that Pinata!

In this fun whacking game the aim is to get all the sweets out of the pinata by whacking the elephant with a stick and collecting all the sweets in a paper bag below. Shake the mouse as fast as you can to control the hand with the stick and whack the elephant as hard as you can. The more sweets that spill into the bag, the more points you collect for upgrades.

Pinata Hunter Game Upgrades

You can upgrade your simple whacking stick to:

  • A bat/stick ($12) - which you already have
  • A hammer ($450)
  • A spiked club ($12,000)
  • A ninja sword ($130,000)
  • A chain saw ($1,000,000) - that's a very expensive chain saw!

You can also protect your hand more so it doesn't go into a spasm as easily when your aggressively shaking the mouse around. When your hand goes into a spasm you have to wait for the pain level to drop to a certain fresh hold before continuing to whack. The three types of glove all protect your hand from spasming:

  • Lightweight glove ($40)
  • Heavy duty glove ($700)
  • Master glove ($7,000)

Finally you can upgrade your paper bag where the sweets fall into to get larger ones which cover more of the sweet fall area. These are:

  • Paper Bag ($10) - which you already have
  • Metal Can ($285)
  • Sports Bag ($4,100)
  • Vacuum Cleaner ($13,600)

Pinata Hunter game is a really fun and novel game and it's worth many a go until you collect all the upgrades. We would have liked to have seen a bit more of a challenge about it such as a time limit where you had to whack a certain amount of sweets out of the elephant in order to move onto another level but we still like the game and thought it was worth sticking amoungst our favourite whacking games on the site. Try whack that multi coloured elephant now!

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Upgrades for Your Whacking Pleasure

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