Homerun in Berzerk Land: Whack the Geek

Homerun in Berzerland

Whack the geek as far as you can in this fantastic launch game by Berzerk Studios...

There are many launching and whacking games on the web and on mobiles but none quite compare to the ludicrous nature of Berzerk Studios 'Homerun in Berzerkland'. We don't know why the pumped up muscle man has such an urge to send the geek flying across a rough and ragged terrain but boy being behind the controls that do so is a lot of fun. Add to that the plentiful supply of upgrades in the form of weapons and items and you've got a winning formula for casual and addictive fun.

In Whack the Geek as we like to call it you select between three different characters to play with plus two you can unlock later. You choose between Marcus, Lachhh and Mathieu to start with. All characters have similar abilities - there's just a little difference between their power, height and distance abilities when whacking the geek.

Once you have chosen your character it's time to let loose on the fat nerd that is nicely standing on the edge of the cliff. How you send the geek flying across the terrain is very simple. You must click on the mouse to time the dial so it land's right in the middle of the trajectory bar. Once you have your trajectory set it's time to get full power on the power bar. After which watch the muscle man smack the geek with his fly swatter (it's the weapon you start with) and then control the nerds flight speed and direction using the left and right arrow keys.

Along the way the geek can come into contact with a whole manner of different objects and creatures including flies, mechanical commandos, spiders, canons, beers ooh and did we mention your berzerker friend as well - yep he's up for whacking the geek more than once with his trusty swatter!

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All these environmental variables plus a wide variety of weapons and items to buy in the shop using the cash you gain along the way, and finally trophies to achieve make Homerun in Berzerkland a terribly addictive game. For your convenience we have listed all the upgrades and achievements that you can get in the game below - except the secret ones - we have kept them, errrm secret from you!



  • Fly Swatter (already equipped) - Everybody has to start somewhere
  • Sausage - Yummy indeed but stay focused, it's for throwing purposes only - $250
  • Cricket Bat - A whole new way to play cricket - $1,000
  • Hockey Stick - Canadian Style - It's about time ehh! - $1,250
  • Baseball Bat - The whole concept of the game started from this piece of wood ehh! - $1,250
  • Guitar - With the volume already set to II - $2,500
  • Wrench - Stole from a plumber who thinks he rescues princesses. We told him to stay away from those mushrooms, poor guy - $2,500
  • Shotgun - Ammo not included. Send $1,000 and a tuna sandwich to Berzerk Studios to get some. - $2,500
  • Mace - Starting to get serious here - $5,000
  • War Hammer - Thank's for lending us this Thor, we owe you one! - $5,000
  • Double Axe - For double ze fun - $5,000
  • Frost Sword - We got this sword in exchange for a pogo ball from a stupid kid - $10,000
  • Two Secret Weapons - Earn 1,000 diamonds each to unlock both these secret weapons.


  • Fat Bottle - -30% geek speed lost when touching ground - $1,000
  • Beer Barrel - +50% spiders and berzerkers encounters - $1,000
  • Chain Belt - Auto forward - $1,000
  • Wallet Belt - +30% extra money each round - $1,000
  • Metal Bracer - +25% of equipped weapons power - $1,000
  • Stud Bracer - +15% extra money and xp each round - $1,000
  • Leather Bracer - +50% mines and mechanical commandos encounters each round - $1,000
  • Taped Bracer - +25% extra power smash hits each round - $1,000
  • Beer Bunk Helmet - Auto forward - $1,000
  • Ninja Headband - +50% beers and canons encounters - $1,000
  • Rambo Headband - +25% extra power smash hits each round - $1,000
  • Winged Headband - +30% extra xp - $1,000
  • XP Pills - Converts cash into XP. Who would have ever thought old Halloween leftovers could prove so useful after all these years?
  • 6 Secret items - two of which cost 250 diamonds each, two costing 500 diamonds each and two costing 750 diamonds each.


Distance Trophies:

  • Local Homerun - Hit the geek 10,000 feet away
  • Regional Homerun - Hit the geek 50,000 feet away
  • National Homerun - Hit the geek 250,000 feet away
  • World Class Homerun - Hit the geek 500,000 feet away
  • Universal Homerun - Hit the geek 1,000,000 feet away

Height Trophies

  • Pop Fly - Hit the geek 1,000 feet high
  • Sky Fly - Hit the geek 3,000 feet high
  • Moon Fly - Hit the geek 7.500 heet high
  • Solar Fly - Hit the geek 12,000 feet high
  • Outer Dimensional Fly - Hit the geek 20,000 feet high

Power Smash Trophies

  • Hop-Up - Hit the geek with a power smash
  • One-Two Punch - Power smash the geek twice during the same shot
  • Good Things Come in Threes - Power smash the geek three times during the same shot
  • Omnismash - Power smash the geek four times during the same shot

Level Up Trophies

  • Young Gun - Reach level 5 with any character
  • Whacking Veteran - Reach level 10 with any character
  • Homrun Hero - Reach level 15 with any character
  • Legendary Smasher - Reach level 20 with any character

Money Trophies

  • Not a Hobo Anymore - Earn $500
  • Start Bragging Now - Earn $2,500
  • Enough to Buy All Rambo Tapes - Earn $10,000
  • More $$$ Than You Can Shake a Stick At - Earn $100,000

Beat Friends Trophies

  • In Your Face - Break one of your friend's records
  • That's All You've Got? - Break the record of five of your friends
  • Ass-Kicking Frenzy - Break the record of ten of your friends
  • Not Cool to Be Your Friend - Break the record of twenty of your friends

Bezerk Support Trophies

  • Bar Open - Share the game on facebook
  • Tell the World - Share the game on twitter
  • Hello World - Login at GamerSafe
  • A Word from our Sponsor - Go to our sponsor site

Unique Trophies

  • Power Buyer - Purchased everything in the shop that can be bought with dollars
  • Can't Stop Doing It - Hit on the geek once he's walking back
  • Bring It! - Perform 3 killer shot
  • Power Play - Reach level 10 with all characters
  • Top Notch - Maxed an attribute
  • Can't Wait to Try It - Purchased an item in the shop
  • Brutal Shopping - Purchased a weapon in the shop
  • Me Again - Hit 100 bees
  • I'll Be Waiting - Wait for the geek to walk all the way back to the left once he has landed
  • One Timer Smash Hit - Hit the geek with a power smash in under two seconds after the initial hit
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