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Whack the Living Dead

A zombie outbreak has occured and your neighbour turns into a disgusting living dead creature. If you don't whack him using whatever you can find around your garden, you'll be next!

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Playing as Patrick, Lisa and Whisky see if you can find all the ways including some more imaginative combinations to survive.

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Latest Development News

Update: 4th August 2020: We are aiming to release the new game by end of September 2020. Development is coming along nicely and we are really happy with bringing our games into Unity. The initial release of the game will feature improved game play for exploring the garden and selecting objects as well as new kills.

Update: 23rd June 2020: We are excited to announce the game is being redeveloped in Unity and will be launch this year with more kills and cool features such as the ability to roam freely in the garden and explore new items and ways to kill the zombie.

Update: 8th April 2019: Whack It are delighted to announce that the 13 ways edition of our game has now been released both of the web and Android. Click the button above to enjoy 8 new crazy and imaginative new sporting ways to whack the zombie.

Update: 23rd Jan 2019: We have now finished scripting the 8 additional kills in the game and they are now under development. We think you will be shocked and surprised by them all, they are all a lot more creative than the existing kills and some of them go along the lines of more fantasy based kills than real objects (we know fans love these ones the most!). We will release a trailer for the expansion as soon as we can.

Update: 17th Dec 2018: Development of the game and kills continues. We decided to delay a release of the next 8 kills until end of January 2019 to give the game time to mature on Google Play. It is important we assess the long term success of the game on the Play Store market place because the last game we published there was removed within a week and we did not break even on Whack the Creeps.

With this game being based on zombies and not real humans we have hopes that the game will remain on the Play Store with no complaints. We will keep you posted and appreciate your understanding.

The game has proved such a success that even Doodie are following suit with whack your zombie boss.

Find a walkthrough for the game here.

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