Whack Your Zombie Neighbour Scorum Edition

Kill the Living Dead with Creative Sports

A zombie outbreak has occured and your evil neighbour has now turned into a disgusting living dead creature. If you don't whack him using the various sports equipment around your garden, your his next victim!

Playing as Patrick, Lisa and Whisky see if you can get through the various timed events to brutally tear apart this monstrous zombie.

Find a walkthrough for the game here.

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Latest Development News

Update: 17th Dec 2018: Development of the game and kills continues. We decided to delay a release of the next 8 kills until end of January 2019 to give the game time to mature on Google Play. It is important we assess the long term success of the game on the Play Store market place because the last game we published there was removed within a week and we did not break even on Whack the Creeps.

With this game being based on zombies and not real humans we have hopes that the game will remain on the Play Store with no complaints. We will keep you posted and appreciate your understanding.

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