Whack Your Zombie Boss

whack your zombie boss

Oh No, Your Boss is a Zombie!

Following on the from the successful zombie edition of Whack Your Neighbour, Doodie cartoon are creating their own zombie edition of whack your boss. This time your boss, while looking somewhat human, is a twitching zombie. While their doesn't seem to be any particular scenario in play as to why your boss has turned into a zombie, it will pretty much give you free reign at how you choose to dispatch of him.

We will keep you updated here with developments for the game, though the likely platforms will be desktop and android devices.

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Latest Development News

There doesn't seem to be any particular new kills that are being introduced into this game as the premise is exactly the same as before. However we could still see a lot of new kills introduced as zombies always allow for a more surreal scenario than a regular human.