Whack Your Neighbour Extreme Edition: Coming Soon

Coming Soon: A Re-Imagined Game with Even Crazier Kills!

Whack Your Neighbour Extreme Edition Game Play the Original with 32 Ways

Updated: 22nd June 2020

Just when you think nothing could get more extreme or crazy than our original game, a new re-imagined version is coming to your web browser totally free! We plan on releasing an updated version of our original game this year (2020) with even more creative and brutal ways to whack your neighbour.

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New Kills Are Coming!

With our entire series being remade in Unity we are super excited to reveal that all our old games will be getting an update, not just with new kills to look forward to for each chapter but also new game play and functionality.

Exclusive to Whack It

All our updated games will only be available to play on our site and nowhere else so bookmark our site to get the latest updates or follow us on Twitter, Youtube or Instagram.

Exploring the Environment

You will be able to wander around with Patrick and Lisa (even Whisky!) exploring the screen to activate kills. Of course many of the old kills will also feature in the re-imagined version of Whack Your Neighbour and they will also be visually enhanced and improved.

Youtube Love

youtube love for whack your neighbour

The original game started off with 27 ways but as it became very popular on Youtube we decided to add more. For example our game was played by Markiplier, Jacksepticeye & Pew Die Pie to name just a few youtubers who enjoyed our game. Since then we have gone on top make another four games in the series. We particularly enjoy Markiplier's videos as he adds a great many layers of humour into his videos.

Our Favourite Way

plant monster in whack your neighbour

One of our favourite ways implemented was borrowing from the Little Shop Horrors movie. Here we created a plant monster to chomp the neighbour into two pieces. This was a classic movie from our childhood. Later in a zombie version of the game - Whack Your Zombie Neighbour we expaned on this fantasy theme with a tree ent rather than a plant. He has a role in two kills in the alternate chapter of the game.

In theory we could have packed the garden with another 20 instruments but we ran out of space. Later ideas are explored in our zombie version of the game here. We explore some of the typical sports gear you may find in your garden while we also introduced more fantasy kills.