Whack Your Neighbour Game: 32 Ways

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Whack Your Neighbour Game

I suppose we can define annoying neighbours in many ways, the hypercritical one is perhaps just one type. Then there's the plain rude one, the grumpy one, the nosey one and the secret serial killer who never comes out of his house until it's dark.

Whack Your Neighbour is designed to help you relieve your built up anger against your annoying neighbour in a harmless way or anyone else you may really p**s you off. Featuring 32 ways both creative and brutal, to your neighbour, you will feel at ease after your first way. If one way doesn't do it we have another 31...

We do have to advise that this game is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken seriously. If you feel as if you are likely to commit a violent act in real life against your neighbour we advise you go see your doctor or a psychiatrist. Try to resolve your differences with your neighbour in a diplomatic and harm free way. If your peaceful gesture doesn't work then just play this game and ignore your neighbour in real life!

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