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Survive & escape an ordeal more horrific than any whack game before!

Following on from Whack the Burglars based in Patrick's home - Patrick, Lisa and Whisky are taking a peaceful stroll in their neighbourhood when they are suddenley abducted by a serial killer. Tied up in a psychopath's dungeon basement they are in deep trouble. Even their faithful dog whisky is being held captive and could see a bad end.

stroll in the neighbourhood

It is up to you to find all the ways to use the maniacs twisted devices against him in order to escape his sharp instruments and devious ways to end your life.

References Galore!

This chapter is the most gruesome game we've created and it features popular movie references from horror films such as Puppet Master with the famous killer dolls and Hannibal where he cooks Ray Liotas brains in front of him.

Throughout the basement you will also find many torture devices from the medieval period, including the Rat in a Cage, the Iron Maiden and Guillotine. While we enjoyed making this version, it's about as bloody and digusting as we would make a chapter and will likely not go so far again! We had scripted in another 10 brutal kills but we have decided to move onto focusing on the release of Whack the Demon.

YouTuber's Can't Help Themselves

markiplier looking disturbed

Markiplier looking mildly disturbed after trying one of the kills

Eventually certain youtuber's get around to playing our new chapters. Perhaps it's the outrageously gruesome kills that in a weird way compel them to play the game, even when they don't look like they are enjoying themselves such as Markiplier above!

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Our game is available on Steam for only $1.99 and includes all 3 of the previous games free. Though there are some flash versions of our game out, they only include 14 ways and the game doesn't perform so well. The Steam version is the full 20 ways (including all the best ones) and includes the previous chapters in HD, it performs far better in terms of the animation and playability.

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