Whack the Serial Killer: 20 Ways Only at Steam!

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Survive & Escape an Ordeal More Horrific than Any Whack Game Before!

You have been captured and tied up in a psychopathic serial killer's basement and now you really are in deep c**p. Even your faithful dog whisky is being held captive and could see a bad end too.

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This game is available on Steam for only $1.99 and includes all 3 of the previous games free.

We hope we will get enough sales for Whack the Serial Killer on PC through Steam to provide Patrick, Whisky and Lisa with a real secure future. Buying our games on Steam will mean we can focus on creating crazy bloody kills you love rather than toning down the violence to a level where they are virtually no longer considered a Whack game. Think the latest Whack Your Boss Cartoon Land - not fun at all!

Latest Videos for the Game

Watch funny videos of the game including Top Torture Devices, Methods in WTSK.

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