Whack The Bully Game

Go Back in time & Take Revenge on the Bully

Most of us probably lived through atleast one year of school whereby we were the target of the school bully. He was much bigger and stronger than you and no doubt you were on the receiving end of the odd punch, kick or degrading act by him.

We are developing a game where you can relive your school years and exact revenge on that bully boy who use to target you and make your life miserable at school. You will be able to inflict the sort of physical and mental punishment back on him and teach him a lesson he truly deserves!

Your character will be a little school boy who is thrown into the mud, spat at and kicked around by the bully in front of all his friends who will stand by and watch with joy. What the bully won't know is that you are more than just a punching bag and are armed with an arsenal of environmental objects which are more than adequate to exact a formiddable fight back against him.