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The Guide to Annoying Your Teacher in Many Ways

Ok so this game doesn't show 101 ways to annoy your teacher, but atleast it shows 13 ways to beat up your teacher and gives you some satisfaction and escapism in a place where whacking the hell out of your teacher is totally allowed! Enjoy...

WARNING! Don't scroll down any further unless you want to know all 13 ways to annoy your teacher!

13 ways to whack your teacher guide
  1. Some scissors are useful to cut his throat and watch him bleed to death.
  2. A staple is not just a useful tool for general office purposes but can also become a brutal weapon when you want to annoy a teacher.
  3. Your pencil is your best friend when it comes to attacking your teacher.
  4. Hot water from the kettle doesn't just singe, it burns and your teacher finds out the hard way, quick grab the kettle!
  5. How much insect poison can a teacher take in his mouth before he turns green? Find out in the game.
  6. Flame throwers don't have to be as powerful as those in sci fi films such as Aliens, you can create one with a lighter and a pressurised aerosal can, start things off by giving your teacher a present.
  7. A chair is such a big object you can't really miss your teachers head with it, if he's annoying you, use it now!
  8. A cable wrapped around his throat and squeezed tightly will stop him jabbering away.
  9. Bees will hopefully provide the sting needed to silence your annoying teacher.
  10. A nice big fat book full of knowledge could be the key to beating some sense into your teacher and it stands out like a soar thumb at the front of the screen.
  11. A base ball could see you hit a home run with your teachers head, I don't think you would be the one catching it as well though.
  12. Flowers is a teacher's best friend, but in this case they couldn't be further from it!
  13. An umbrella has been known to act like a spear in cases of self defense, or in your case if an annoying teacher shows no signs of shutting up.

Take all these steps now to shut up your annoying teacher once and for all and don't forget to share this fun game with your friends on Facebook. Remember next time your looking for ways to annoy your teacher, log onto this game and escape to a game where bloody violence against your teacher is perfectly acceptable!