Rage 3: Stickman Fighting Game

Rage 3: Sticking It to the Man

During the prehistoric time, cavemen drew stick men figures on walls to depict their daily lives. With such a humble beginning, who would have thought that the simple stick man would become such a sensational worldwide icon? And not just in the field of Archeology but in the field of Martial Arts as well.

Rage 3 is side-scrolling beat-em-up game where you get to punch, kick and smack other stickmen. This fun and addicting slugfest game features not just fast paced martial arts action but some platforming gameplay as well. Players will get to wield different types of weapons and shoot different kinds of firearms as they play the role of a Stickman out for blood.

The History of a Stick shaped like a Man

Stick figures have existed since the first man got the desire to depict his daily life. Cave paintings show us how the primitive man lived or hunted with the use of stick figures. A dot or a small circle represented the head, a vertical line was the body and additional lines were the arms and legs. Even though today we use many different techniques to represent different things we still use the simple stick figure in our everyday life. This simple stick figure is used to show the nearest exit for example or to warn us of wet floors showing the person – in this case stick figure, slipping. Toilets are also labeled with stick figures showing man and woman cabins – with the woman stick figure wearing a skirt of course. Fire exits and staircases, traffic lights and many other signs today use this figure as the simplest way of passing down information to people. The Stickman represents a human being without any specifics and that is what makes it perfect for the job of conveying information in the best way possible – in the case of this game, showing off martial arts moves. Although if necessary some additional features may be added to make the information more precise as in the example of the male and female toilet signs where the female stick figure clearly wears a skirt or a dress represented by a triangle. Stick figures were here since the dawn of man and are here to stay and help us find the correct toilet room, cross streets and beat up other stick men.

Moving likes Branches in the Wind

If you had the opportunity to watch the Stickman martial arts demonstration movie that was circulating the web a few years back, then you will know what to expect in this game. The developer of the game used flash animation to animate stick figures just like in the movie. These stick figures do more than just walk and run, they do kung-fu moves like those found in Chinese martial arts films. Not only do the stick men fight with fists and firearms, they can also wield different types of weapons. Each weapon is animated quite nicely and the animation looks quite authentic, like it was being done in real life. We give credit where credit is due and the animators behind Rage 3 definitely deserve credit for making such a good looking and well animated game, despite it consisting mainly of stick figures.

The Beating Sound of Punches and Kicks

Rage 3’s sound effects are pretty good, each punch and kick sounds decent enough to make you believe that you are actually hitting someone. The enemies moan with pain every time they are hit. Some weapons do not sound that convincing though, especially since a lot of them share pretty much the same sound. We are not experts when it comes to weapon sound effects but the developer should have given each weapon a unique sound, especially the firearms. The game does have an upbeat music though, which actually adds to the overall experience of the game since it gives the player that feeling of actually roaming around and looking for trouble. Sadly, there is only a music track in the game, and it becomes a bit repetitive after a few hours.

Laying the Smack down on the Enemy

The game’s objective might look simple at the beginning, but the gameplay is much deeper than you think. You do not just go around beating stick men up, you actually need to collect keys to open gates, use giant springs to reach certain areas that contain portals and even unlock hidden areas that can only be accessed once you are at a certain level.

You move your heroic stick man by using the directional keys Up, Down, Left and Right. Attack enemies with a melee attack by pressing the A key. Shoot enemies with a firearm by pressing the S key. Pressing the A key multiple times in succession triggers a combo. Our hero can gather and equip different types of melee and range weapons. You can change your equipped melee weapon by pressing the Q key, while you can change your range weapon by pressing the E key. Pretty much everyone and everything in the game can be defeated with your bare fists but it will take more time and skills to do it. Knowing which weapon is more effective to use on enemies and bosses adds some strategy to Rage 3’s gameplay

The Bosses that you must face in the game have different attack and movement patterns. Learning these patterns will surely help you in defeating them more easily. Take the first Boss for example; this Gelatin boss will become transparent after hitting it a few times. It will become impregnable once it is fully transparent, so there is no point in attacking it while it is in this state. It will also attack you with a spike attack which is hard to avoid with just your rolling evasion move, do a jump to avoid it instead. This Boss will eventually try to squash you by continuously jumping in different directions, to evade this attack just move yourself from left to right or vice-versa, depending on where the Gelatin boss will land, do this a couple of times and the Boss will stop moving and you can continue pummeling it until it is defeated. There are other bosses in the game, and different strategies are needed to defeat them. But for now, we will leave it to you to discover the best way to handle each one.

Our hero needs different kinds of power orbs to survive. The green orb replenishes your health points and the purple orb gives you experience points. These orbs are dropped by enemies once they are defeated. Make sure to gather them after each fight, especially the purple orbs. You can actually avoid the green orbs if you do not need them yet. Saving the green orbs for later until you need them is a good strategy just in case you need to heal yourself before going to a boss battle.

You can build up your Rage meter by attacking enemies continuously. Once it is completely filled up, you will become enraged – complete with a cool exploding animation. The power of your attacks are increased during Rage mode, so make sure to take advantage of this and try to defeat as many enemies as you can.

A Stickman among Men

Rage 3 is the third game in the Stick Page series, and while there are some improvements made to the game, we felt like the game did not really evolve much in terms of gameplay. The game is still fun and addictive but without any major changes in gameplay it felt more like an expansion rather than a sequel. While the visuals and sounds of the game did improve, we feel that the developer should have focused more in improving the overall gameplay. We still recommend Rage 3 to anyone looking for a fun beat-em-up game, where they can relieve their frustrations by smacking around some stick figures. We give Rage 3 a smacking score of 79/100.

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