Smash The Computer Game

It's time to Smash The Computer

Let's face it, at one time in our lives we have all felt like smashing our computer into pieces. We understand here at that we can all feel angry, aggressive and even hateful towards our pc for suddenley running really slow, showing an error and generally playing up. How frustrating is it when you can't get any work done, or the computer crashes half way through an important piece of work and you didn't save it? It's so tempting to just smash your computer in at this point and throw it out of the window!

The Smash The Computer game is designed to prevent you from costing yourself a small fortune and doing something stupid in real life! Afterall computers are expensives pieces of equipment and although they can suddenley stop working, some one could fix it for you and you don't want to be smashing it up one day to regret it the next!

The game works in a simple way, the screen loads and a nice neat computer is there in front of you. It shows a windows error though on the screen, you know like the one you've experienced in the past with your own computer? The one you may be experiencing now! Well by simply hammering down on your left mouse button and guiding your fists and slapping palms to various places on the computer, keyboard and monitor you can hammer down on your computer and give it a real good whacking!

See how many whacks it takes you to smash the computer into a million pieces where it short circuits and no longer plays up for you anymore! Enjoy this stress relieving game and vent your anger at that stupid computer and it's stupid error message.