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Siegius Arena Game

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Hack N Slash Your Way through the Colloseum

Having visited Rome recently I found it quite ironic that only a week before I was vigorously button tapping away at my mouse and keyboard with sheer delight, as I despatched soldier after soldier in the bloody colloseum on my computer. (It wasn't this game that inspired me to visit Rome - although it did help inspire some vivid thought's when sat in the Colloseum).

Visiting the real Colloseum is quite a different spectacle to what it once must have been like, it's a former shade of itself but you can still imagine all the different battles and 'blood games' that occured there with the blood hungry crowded chanting for the death of competing warriors.

If you can't afford a ticket to Rome to experience the Colloseum then Sky 9's Siegius Arena can provide a bit of fun and some insight into what 'may' have gone on in the Colloseum. Players who are seeking a bit more of a strategic game may be more inclined to try Berzerk Studio's Sands of the Colloseum.

If your fond of those games with quirky cartoon graphics mixed with plenty of violence then Siegius Arena has this in a bucket load. It delivers a satisfying mixture of savagery and glory just like the Colloseum must have felt for those gladiators strong enough to come out victorious.

siegius arena game: plenty of blood and guts

What's Siegius Arena About

The story line is rather basic and is told in the space of 30 seconds at the begining of the game, whereby a mighty centurior who is close to victory in some sort of random ambush is betrayed by one of his own. He is sentenced to death in the arena.

Easy Controls & Maneuverability

siegius arena game: easy to maneuver amoungst your foes

Moving your gladiator around the arena to face the various foes out for your blood is dead simple (mind the pun) and the controls feel light and responsive - exactly how you want a hack n slash game to be. We found no issues with being able to dodge out of the way of fireballs, big bad boss moves and other various blood thirsty opponents.

A Great Variety of Foe

siegius arena game: plenty of opponents

Siegius Arena offers a great variety of foe who stand in the way of you and the crowds favour. Of course with you being a one man killing machine you have more than enough determination, sword play and endurance to make quick work of most of them. Later foes mixed together can prove tricky, for example the mages shooting fireballs mixed with sturdier foot soldiers can catch you out, not to mention the bosses! The arena soon can feel awfully crammed with little space to maneuver.

Lot's of Weapons, Armor &am; Ability Upgrades

siegius arena game: lots of weapons, armor and abilities

The game is kept fresh by the nice range of weapons, armor and ability upgrades that you can purchase from one of several shop keepers outside the main colloseum grounds. This is also where you will get mobbed by the crowds (hopefully for the right reasons!).

There are many different weapons to upgrade which make the arena action that much more satisfying. Once you get your hands on some of the more cutting weapons you will be dieing to test them out. We also like the nice touch of customised appearances when dawning new armors and holding new weapons. You can truly end up looking like a pure pillar of killing steel once you buy some of the end weapons and armors.

Replay Value

siegius arena game: bloody combat

There is plenty of replay value in Siegius Arena which makes it one of our most favourite hack n slash titles. It's addictive nature can be compared to that of Crazy Flasher 3 making Siegius Arena a game that you can truly vent your frustrations on. So what are you waiting for, shed some blood in the colloseum of ancient Rome now!

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