Streets of Fury EX Game for PC

Streets of Fury EX

Fight the gangs of Paris in this action packed Beat'Em up. Up to 4 players can join in, to cooperate, or fight against each other! Many unlockables, game modes, crazy combos and devastating furies await you in this deep fighting game..

Release Date: 25/06/2015

Available on: Windows, PC Download

Critics Rating: 4.3/5

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Key Features: 

  • Oldschool “go right” beat’em up 
  • 4 players local Co-op and competitive play 
  • 15 playable characters 
  • The depth of a versus fighting game in a side-scrolling beat'em up 
  • Lots of moves, special moves, furies, cancels, chain combos, air combos, dodge, etc. 

  • Increase the Security Level to unlock new characters, game modes, and more... 
  • Story mode : Hunt the gang leaders in their respective districts 
  • Alternate Story mode : Build your own gang! 
  • Versus mode : Free for all and team battle for some multiplayer mayhem 
  • Survival mode : How long can you survive endless waves of enemies? 
  • Challenge mode : Try some time attack on special levels 

  • Featuring a whole new soundtrack by K93 ( 
  • Play with any controller 

  • Featuring famous youtuber Benzaie as the Hard Corner


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Streets of Fury EX is developed by Guard Crush Games.

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