Whack the Evil Dead Thing Game

Whack the Evil Dead Thing Game

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We are wanting to make our best whack game yet and we are already underway with an even higher quality title than any of our 3 previous games! But it has become very difficult to generate enough income from adverts to continue funding our heavily animated series.

That's why we are looking to turn our games into ones dedicated to our fans via Patreon. Through fan funding on Patreon we can focus on delivering you rediculously gorey and bloody games without the fear of being demonetized or delisted anywhere including Google Play just because our games contain blood and gore!

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What is the Game About?

Whack the Evil Dead Thing sees Patrick, Lisa and Whisky attacked whilst on holiday in a cabin in the woods. A freak storm has awakened an evil demonic being from it's sleep earlier than foretold. This evil being rises from beneath the earth to claim mores victims for the underworld.

But this evil demonic being doesn't realise whose soul she is trying to claim, Patrick, Lisa and Whisky are not going down without a brutal fight! It's time for you to send this demon back to hell in whatever form it takes, by brutally butchering it in all sorts of crazy ways. For the firs time you will be playing as Patrick, Whisky and Lisa in the game!

This Demon Shape Shifts!

Whack the Evil Dead Thing Game: Metamophic States

This time round your enemy isn't some shifty human being, it's a shape shifting demon that has the ability transmutate devious and montrous forms. So you will need your wits about you to slay this evil dead thing and send it back to the depths of hell it came from.

The Classic Team is Back for More!

Whack the Evil Dead Thing Game: The Classic Team is Back for More!

In Whack the Evil Dead Thing The Monsters Get Super Powerful But So Do Your Ways to Whack Them!

Multi Chapter Game

The game will be very substantial so it will be funded and released in several chapters with each featuring the demon in atleast two monstrous demonic forms to kill.

How You Can Help Us!

Pledge just a $1 a month to the on going support of series and you will be able to access exclusive behind the scenes content and news for all our future games. If you love the Whack series, help us make them even better!

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