Neighbours from Hell: Know The Different Types

The Different Neighbours from Hell You Can Come Across in Life!

The Neighbour from Hell can come in many forms, to name a few:

  • The Noisy Neighbour: Who never stops playing their music supremely loud to the point where it's a none stop disco in your whole neighbourhood. They don't care that you can't sleep or get any peace or even that you have kids. No doubt their taste in music is at complete odds to your own for that extra touch of annoyance.
  • The Nosey Neighbour: Who peeps at you at any opportunity and wants to know what your up to all the time. They always seem to be in the kitchen or near the window when you step out of your house but may act like it's natural and that they are doing something perfectly innocent. Even more cringe worthy they may wave at you attempting to come across all innocent and friendly. Their gaze is never far from you, every time you step foot at of your house you feel their gaze upon you, it's cringe worthy, they are absolute weir-dos.
  • The Creepy Neighbour: Shares traits with the nosey neighbour but takes them to an extreme level. He or she doesn't just peer out at you hoping to catch what your up, they go out of their way to always be watching whenever you are out of your house. Their gaze is in one of a psychopath, you never know when that creepy leery stare will turn ugly and into a potential stalker situation. They spy on you night and day and it seems like they will never stop unless you move out. They are a true neighbour from hell.
  • The Overly Friendly Neighbour: Subtly different from the nosey neighbour they will pretend to be instant best buddies with you just so they can get into your home and know your whole life right away for one of a variety of devious and abnormal reasons. Or perhaps they are just lonely and crave attention off a fresh neighbour as the rest of the street has been scared away by their desperate and bizarre behaviour. You are seen as easy pickings for them, at least at first. Keep them at a distance, especially if they invite themselves into your house right away.
  • The Jealous Competitive Neighbour: The one that eyes up everything you have and do, they twistedly look for any reason to get jealous or be competitive as it's their way of getting off in life. In a bizarre mix of the overly friendly and nosey neighbour they may ask questions in a genuine tone in an attempt to find the perfect reason to get competitive. Whether it's your car, the activity you love to do, how you look, what you wear, how much money you have, who you invite round or how popular you are, they will be envious of all sorts of things and should be kept at a distance - as in their own backyard, not yours!
  • The Stinky Neighbour: The type that uses their back garden as a landfill site and most likely their home as well. Just walking anywhere near their garden or house perimeter will mean being enshrouded in a stench so vile it can leave you as well stinking for days. All sorts of peculiar and disgusting odours will ooze from their home. They themselves may look like they have never seen the inside of a shower or that they roll around in their own filth all day every day. Man or woman they are equally unpleasant, you may not be able to tell the difference they have spent so long without a good scrub! Oh and did we mention they probably have a whopping dependency, namely drugs or alchohol or a combination of both - this could lead them to flippant behaviour if you so much as look at them or say hello. You will most likely hold your breath and smile if you walk past them, perhaps feeling scared of any deemed insult leading to a scaving attack on you.
  • The Chav & Dole Dossing Neighbour: They've probably never done a real days work in their lives or at least not for a very long time. They are as common as muck in the worst sense and their day to day language resembles that of the most primitive neandathal to ever walk the face of this earth. Their house is still probably full of the latest mod cons purchased with welfare money which they have grown fat off but they will tell you their broke. Their kid's will be equally if not more repugnant than themselves. They have a tendency to have a chip on their shoulder and you can easily touch a nerve on a whole range of issues, best just not try to talk to them in the first place!
  • The Stuck Up Pretentious Neighbour: Most likely they have been reasonably successful in the financial side of their lives which has lead them to believe they are the best thing to have happened to the world. They will believe they are supremely above you in every way imaginable and will think you too hold them on a pedestal. Indeed they will walk around wanting your attention but then also despise it once they get it. They will look at you like your the lowest sort of filth that they have accidentally stepped in. Most likely they will drive a reasonably expensive car but believe it is a $100,000 Ferrari or Lamborghini, either way they will believe this shows that they are above reproach in every other area of their lives. Desperate to show you how much better they are than you an aggressive material spending spree will never cease as they bring out their latest weekly purchase to remind you that they will always be far ahead of you, so don't you ever even think about trying to act like them.

I'm sure every neighbour from hell will have a mish mash of these traits to a greater or lesser extent. Pergaps they have even worse tendencies than what we have discussed above. Whichever one of the above your neighbour happens to be, you don't have to waste too much time being irritated by them in reality, just play our 'Whack Your Neighbour' Game where you get to brutally whack the hell out of your neighbour in a harmless fantasy world, and really give that annoying neighbourly itch a good scratching.

Also why not share your own neighbours from hell experience below, we would love to hear what annoying things your neighbours do to really p**s you off and what sort of action or revenge you have taken against them...

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