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Whack Your Teacher

Don't Whack your Teacher is a popular and harmless flash game that Box 10 has now decided to bring to Android. It's a similar game to Whack Your Boss which is also available on Android and Whack Your Ex. Whack your Teacher is a game and should not be copied in real life! It's only here for fun and Box 10 strongly advise against any real life enactment of the game!

Release Date: 23/05/2012

Available on: Android

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

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Like Whack Your Boss, you choose one of many objects around the room to shut your teacher up. Instead of an annoying boss being the target a bold miserable looking teacher is his replacement. Playing as a kid kept behind after disrupting class you look around the room and contemplate various creative ways of whacking your teacher.

Although not made by the same guy who created Whack Your Boss, the animation and various scenarios are equally as creative and humourous. At Whack It our personally favourite has to be the good old fashioned chair. The animation sees the kid knock the poor teachers teeth out with his first swing.


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Whack Your Teacher is developed by BOX10.COM.