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Whack Your Neighbour

Now with 32 Ways to Kill Your Neighbour!

In September we release 5 more ways to kill your neighbour with the game featuring in total 32 ways...see if you can find them all!

About the Game

Have you ever had an annoying neighbour who is nasty, angry, miserable or constantly complaining about anything you do around your neighbourhood or in your garden? The neighbour from hell is a typical scenario faced by millions of people around the world. Some grievances are small petty things whilst others have lead to murder, seriously...But with our cartoon violence game you don't have to resort to any real life harmful action. Indeed we totally advise against any real life violent action or harmful acts, instead just play our game and release your tension on the angry neighbour in Whack Your Neighbour!

Release Date: 03/07/2015

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

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You can choose from a wide variety of typical everyday handy garden tools to Whack Your Neighbour from Hell with. Some tools and objects which are also not so typically used or found in everyone's garden are placed to deliver that extra level of sweet satisfaction.

Built from real life experience (we don't mean real life murder experience, just annoying neighbour behavioural experiences!) we have designed this game to depict the sort of petty squabbles that can occur when moving next door to a fussy neighbour and the long ensuing arguements and stunts.

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With a sense of humour at it's heart, this game is for everyone over 18 years of age who has always dreamt of getting one over on their neighbour but who in reality has shown restrained themselves!


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Whack Your Neighbour is developed by Whack It.