Whack the Evil Dead Thing: Android APK, iOS

Whack the Demon

Whack the Evil Dead Thing has now been renamed to "Whack the Demon" for a clearer direction to the game and also to avoid potential future trade mark issues. The Android version will most likely be approved and launched on Google Play and the game will possibly be made available for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.

What's the Game About?

It's an upcoming cartoon horror and violence game by Whack It and Incubator Studios. It features characters from the previous games - Patrick, Lisa and Whisky who come up against an evil demon.

The evil demon transmutates into various metamorphic states through the game making this chapter of the series the most dramatic and surreal yet. To overcome the evil demonic force you will have to overcome various puzzle and timed events which can also lead to your own demise!

This will be the first of our series created professional in Unity leading to superior browser and mobile performance of the game whilst also featuring superior graphics, effects and playability.

The Evil Dead Thing Is Thirsty for Blood & Souls to Drag Back to Hell

Unfortunately for Patrick, Lisa and Whisky they always seem to land themselves in hot water and this episode is none the better. Whislt holidaying in a cabin in the woods a freak storm hits which awakens an evil force earlier than fortold to claim more victims souls for hell.

whack the evil dead thing: patrick, lisa and whisky vs evil dead thing

The unfortunate thing for the demon is it isn't just going up against joe blogs or your average chump who doesn't know how to handle themselves. It has to face and try to claim the soul of Patrick, Lisa and Whisky. But be careful this demon will go to savage and rediculous lengths to kill and drag your soul to hell. As it transforms into varuous mythical monstrous forms the way you whack it will become even more outlandish and spectacular - it has to be!

Release Date: Not Yet Confirmed

Many Metamorphic Transmutations to Brutally Slay

whack the evil dead thing: Many Metamorphic Transmutations to Brutally Slay

Each of The Evil Dead Things transmutations is provoked by the brutal whacking of the previous. You must find and overcome all the kill methodologies of each form before you can encounter and ultimately slay the next. This will lead up to it's final and most formiddable form to kill.

Brutal Death Scenes Reflecting Your Own Failure

Just because it's a whack game where you play as the protanganists doesn't mean you will get everything your own way. There will be many surprising failures as you search for ways to kill the monstrous forms of the Evil Dead Thing which will lead to disgusting and brutal deaths of your own at the hands of the monster. This will provide an even more intense and frightening experience as you look to overcome the powerful demon.

A Game Designed for & Supported by Fans

We are seeking help in funding the game's continued development to make it the most violent and impressive whack game to date. The kills in the game are going to look far more impressive than previous games and the challenges thrown upon you will match the improved player experience. Kills will be timed, puzzle based and some will stick with the true quick kill fashion of the previous games.

Whack the Evil Dead Thing is being developed by Whack It.