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Tower Boxing

Tower Boxing is Silly Tapping Fun

The notion of punching a tower down floor by floor is like a ridiculous Jenga move where you take out an entire lower floor without the whole thing crashing down. But that is not where the challenge lies in Tower Boxing –a game where you do that Jenga move over and over again. The objective here is for you to avoid getting hit by the many things that adorn the building’s sides as you knock each floor away. The game keeps track of how many floors you destroy (one floor per point), and you can only take one hit from an obstacle.

What is Tower Boxing?

Tower Boxing is a very simple and silly mobile game that is weirdly addictive. In this game, players play as a wide bodied boxer wearing boxing shorts and gloves standing in front of a building. The commands in this game are simple: punch or switch sides. Each time you punch, and entire floor of the building is blown away, this forces the building to recede into to the ground. Players will notice stuff like signs and balconies from the sides of the building. Each time a floor gets removed, these obstacles move down with the rest of the structure. If your boxer happens to be on the same side as these hazards, you will instantly get knocked out and your game ends.

The goal of the game is to get as many floors removed before you are hit by an object or before the time ends. The higher your score, the better it is. And of course, the better you perform, the more things you unlock.

Release Date: 28/08/2014

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

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Basic Strategies

Playing this game may seem easy, but it is actually a pretty intricate game to play. If you knock out a lot of floors, the types of obstacles that go down will increase making the run so much harder. The key is to keep calm and not think about the time limit. This is especially true at first time players. The danger from the balconies and stuff are far more dangerous than the time limit, and anyone playing too hastily will certainly not need to worry about the time limit as they will get hit by something before the counter ends.

The get a good feel of the game, it is best to just keep a slow and steady pace at first. This allows players to get used to the controls and the way that the obstacles descend. Understanding timing is the key to mastering this game’s play system.

One other important thing to remember is that coins are actually not important. Going out of your way just to collect coins can be dangerous as some coins will force you to dodge an obstacle at the very last moment. The coins you acquire are far too risky an attempt especially if you are already doing well on a run. Instead, just collect any incidental coins that are right on the path you are in.

Basic Visuals

Graphically, there is not that much to be said about Tower Boxing. The art is pretty decent looking and the pixel-cartoon artstyle is kind of an in-thing for gamers across the board. If you were hoping for something more, you will not find it here. The true charm of Tower boxing lies in the gameplay it provides and the addictive mechanic it employs –not the visuals.

The Verdict: The Ever Lasting Building

The tower you are punching in Tower Boxing is incredibly tall –there seems to be no limit to it. Even if you punch away well over a hundred floors, there are still more to go. It makes one think what kind of building is so ridiculously high and yet does not fall down even if you punch a floor. It is an interesting thing to ponder while you hammer mindlessly at the game. Despite the fact that you need good reflexes and focus, the process of playing this game is strictly mechanical, and makes for the perfect kind of time filler while having your brain work on something else.

Rating: 86/100


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Tower Boxing is developed by FDG Entertainment.