The King of Fighters 98 Mobile Game Review for Android and iOS

The King of Fighters 98

King of Fighters 98 is Made to be Played with Friends

King of Fighters '98 is a sleek and impressive 2D fighting game by SNK. Featuring over 35 different characters, each with their own unique animations and movelists provides this game with a range of depth and complexity that is comparable to modern fighting game releases. This is not surprising, as SNK's fighting mechanics are pretty awesome to begin with and putting together Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting into a single title makes for an amazing game. While that is certainly true for KoF98, the game was still made to be played for fun in crazy match ups that would not be done in the story 0thus making it perfect for playing with friends.

What is King of Fighters ‘98?

KoF '98 is a dream match special edition of the game (the next dream match titles would KoF 2002, and the more recent KoF XII (the 2006 sequel drops the use of years and started adopting a sequential number series starting from XI). By dream match we mean that the game allows players to create teams of three from any character that was previous in all previous KoF titles ranging from 94 to 97 (98 also introduces some new faces to the mix as well, along with all time favorite non-storyline-canon boss, Omega Rugal).

By dropping the main narrative, KoF '98 allows players to pick characters who should no longer be part of the story in the game, making it kind of a fantasy league fighting game. The focus on combat also means that the single player mode is not as interesting as there is nothing new or special that occurs aside from meeting an all new final boss (Omega Rugal is basically a what-if version of KoF 94's boss Rugal getting the Orochi power showcased in KoF 95-97). The real fun in this game is in playing versus mode against human opponents who are also fans of the game series.

Release Date: 23/07/1992

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

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Advanced and Extra

The Advanced and Extra combat modes were originally introduced in KoF 97. There, players could choose between two ways of filling up the special power meter on the bottom of the screen. In Extra mode, the player is able to fill up the bar by performing a charging (which is fast way to fill up the bar but leaves you open to attack) or by blocking hits. In advanced mode, the power bar increases by attacking and taking hits. The mechanics of using the bars also vary. In both cases, using desperation moves with the special bars charged up allows for some devastatingly powerful attacks.

Time for Bluetooth

Is this game worth it? Only if you are a KoF fan and know of other KoF fans you can play with. The game supports Bluetooth connectivity so that you can fight against other players -which is the ultimate way to have fun in King of Fighters 98. Sure, you can buy this game for the sheer novelty and nostalgia, but the single player content can only take you so far in terms of enjoyment. So unless you are the type who just likes playing old school games, this game is best played with friends.

Of course, having friends is just one consideration. Another important thing to consider with this game is that you will also want to have an MFI controller as well. This should not be surprising to fans of KoF at all -the series is pretty well known for its complex control inputs especially for activating special moves, which means that relying solely on the touch screen controls is suicide if you want to beat the game's toughest fighters on the hardest difficulty.

The Verdict: Ultimate Match

King of Fighters 98 is a solid fighting game in terms of mechanics, and the mobile port of the game seems to have carried over some of the graphical enhancements first seen in the PS2 verion, KoF 98: Ultimate Match. This makes the game pretty fun to play but still feels like you have the original SNK arcade board on your mobile. Sure, the app is basically an emulation, but it is still amazing to see on a small device. As cool as the game is, do note that you will have to consider getting a controller if you don't already have one -but if you are enough of a fighting game fan to want this game, then a controller is a good investment for you either way.

Rating: 86/100

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The King of Fighters 98 is developed by SNK PLAYMORE.