The King of Fighters 2012 Android, iOS Review

The King of Fighters 2012

Places Plenty of Cool Fighting Features into Mobile

It is not easy to imagine a KoF title running well on the mobile platform, but King of Fighters 2012 manages it pretty nicely. Known as KoF-i and KoF-A for the mobile devices (i for iOS and A for Android versions), the game brings all the great visuals with simplified controls in order to give players a lot of freedom when playing. In some ways, this version of the game is more accessible than the original versions since the moves are a lot less complex -so even casual players can pick it up and start learning from there.

It Has No Controllers

One of the biggest gripes that hardcore fighting game fans will have about King of Fighters 2012 for the android and ios mobiles is the fact that it has no third party controller support. This means that your thumb will be eating up some real estate on the screen during key moments. The good news is that you will not have to perform super complex motions anymore, the drawback is that devices with really small screens will have a hard time (that said, playing this on a tablet sized device is pretty fun).

The moves in the game have been simplified to basic one-touch, context sensitive controls. This may seem a little odd or even random for those of you reading, but in action, it actually works quite well. Calling it intuitive is still a far stretch, but after a couple of matches in, you can start to figure out how to control your chosen characters properly in battle. Aside from the typical special moves that each fighter has in their movelist, there are also super specials and NEOMAX supers as well. Thanks to the one-touch system, activating these moves has become quite easy, and timing them into your combos is quite fun.

While all this sounds good and awesome (or even easy), it still takes a bit of practice to learn. The game's tutorial mode is actually pretty useful and we highly suggest that everyone playing this game take the time to go through the lengthly tutorial in order to maximize your gameplay experience (it actually teaches a lot of very useful things that will help you fumble a whole lot less when you are starting out in the game). Continue Reading

Release Date: 27/03/2015

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All the Modes

KoF 2012 has a lot of combat modes for the player. Most are already familiar with the standard arcade-style team mode where players must choose a team of fighters and defeat other teams. Single mode is pretty much the same thing except you are playing without a team and also facing solo fighters. Endless is one of our favorites as it basically lets you test how well you can fight against all the enemies that the AI can throw at you. The time attack mode is probably the least interesting -where you need to finish 10 matches in the fastest possible time. Challenge more is much more fun, as you have to fight opponents while trying to fulfill certain match objectives (like block X number of attacks). Lastly, training mode is the best place to spend time and not only figure out the controls, but also to try checking if certain combos are more effective than others.

The new feature that stands out is the new online versus mode. Here, players can compete with their friends or play in ranked matches with fighters from all over the world. The tier system is quite well balanced, and it is rare for anyone to end up facing out of their class or division (which is measured by the player's overall performance in the matches). If you want to do well in the ranking, you better get some practice time in as some players in the community are quite beastly in combat.

Looks as Good as Ever

One of the things that makes King of Fighters (and many of SNK's other fighting games) so nice to look at is the fact that the sprites are not only smoothly animated, but they are also very strikingly well designed. Kyo, Iori, King, Kim, Athena, Terry, Joe, and the rest of the gang are all presented in amazing pixel art. Unlike 3D models that can be outclassed by higher resolution or better textured versions, sprites have more of a timeless look -and that is why a 2012-dated game manages to still look great up to this day. The animations are, of course, top notch. Visual effects of each hit and super move are depicted with such presence that you truly feel the power and impact of each attack that you make. This is especially true of the extra powerful super moves.

SNK Fans Rejoice

Mobile adaptations of complex arcade or console games tend to have issues. This is particularly true for fighting games as the lack of proper controls sacrifices a lot of the gameplay experience. For King of Fighters 2012, this is doubled by the lack of controller support -and yet it still manages to be fun and exciting. In fact, the decision to not have controller support means that you can play the effectively while standing up as you do not need to put your device on a surface in order to play it. The simplified control system does wonders -it does not matter if some players feel like the difficulty of play has been lessened, the fact is that you can enjoy this mobile title in a way that is accessible for all. On top of that, add in the beautiful visuals and impressive soundtrack and you now have a go-to fighting game on your pocket.


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The King of Fighters 2012 is developed by SNK Playmore.