Super KO Boxing 2 Mobile Game Review for Android and iOS

Super KO Boxing 2

Ready for an old fashioned beatdown? As the K.O. Kid, you return to the ring to face the most outrageous face-breaking opponents who’ll use sneaky tactics and dirty distractions to knock you out. To be the champ, figure out each fighter’s tells, avoid their signature moves, and when the time is right unleash a super punch to knock ‘em out!

Release Date: 30/09/2009

App Store Rating: 3.5/5

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Game Description: A great boxing game packed full of opponents and personalities that will keep you well entertained, Super KO Boxing 2 is a cartoon style heavy weight game app that will knock you flat out if your the type to shy away from a challenge.

It’s received a bit of a mixed reception, in particular on the iOS. We can’t understand why, when you load this game up you know your in for a real treat with it’s great graphics and fast touch screen game play, we think it’s one of the best boxing games out for both the iOS and Android.

You will fight 15 different opponents and come across some real challenges in Super KO Boxing 2, pretty much how you would if you wanted to become the ultimate pound for pound boxer in reality. What we like about Super KO Boxing 2 is that it provides a casual game play experience but doesn’t go too easy on it’s audience.

It’s like going to train and spa with Mike Tyson in the ring, he’s not going to go all out on you as if you were Trevor Berbick but neither will he drop his guard and stick his chin out awaiting your feathery punch.

The game eases you into the swing of things (mind the pun) by giving you three mediocre opponents. They are in the form of a big fat Texan with a dodgy mustache, a cocky yet knobbly kneed Spanish el matador and a bright but useless champion who you will be beat hands down for your first title.

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Next up you will find a decent challenge from 15 cent, a bling bling boxer who packs a bit of a bitch slap if you come into his line of sight when he’s lining up his special move. If you get past him the real challenge begins in figuring out how to defeat each opponent. I think some gamer’s may get frustrated with the challenge ahead, expecting (or maybe even wanting) a game where they can just whack their mobile and bulldose their way to victory against every opponent. Instead Super KO Boxing 2 challenges you to find the weak spot on every boxer you face, testing their guard, their special attack and their pattern of fighting. This brings about an intriguing challenge which isn’t to everyone’s taste.

However if your a boxing fan or maybe a wannabee Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali in reality, this game will be right up your street. It pretty much spells out that boxing is a game of thinking as much as hitting, any fool can throw a punch but it’s about making the other guy miss and Super KO Boxing 2 is definitely about this. All I can say from here is good luck with the Indian Chief (your first stiff challenge) and beyond!

We found the controls in the game very responsive and swift. The strafe buttons for quickly moving your boxer left and right on the left hand side of the screen along with your guard button. On the right hand side you have your punch and special attack buttons. Your boxer will generally punch with the hand which he is leading towards. For example if you strafe to the right, he’s going to punch with the right. If your hitting in the center he will just alternate punches.

There isn’t a button for both a left or right punch, there are just two buttons, one for high and one for low punches. A hook can be performed by strafing either side of your opponent and hitting the upper punch.

We really liked the variety of the opponents in the boxing game and their unique personality which brings a lighter side to a bloody sport! Each opponent has their own little quirky dance, outfit, persona and look which is amusing the first time you meet each one. It gives you something to look forward to at the end of each victory.

After that you can simply tap to skip any introduction when fighting the same fighter again – which is nice as every boxer looses their charm eventually!

We also love the back drops for each fight. The game developers could have easily opted for flat and mundane backgrounds but instead have added great detail with the audience and originality of the environments. This adds more realism to the game and makes you feel like you really are taking on an opponent of great stature!

There is also a bit of banter between the fighters at the end of each round (if you haven’t knocked your opponent out in the first) which gives you a brief but welcome rest from tapping the screen viciously when trying to take your opponent down for the count.

If you are are the unfortunate one to get knocked down you will also have to become astute at how to get back up from the canvas. You will need to tap the numbers as they come shakily together on the screen at the exact right time. You have ten attempts – one for each count and you must make at least four of them to get back up or it is game over.

There are three modes to play in this fun mobile boxing game – circuit, versus and challenge.

Circuit is where you fight all 15 opponents in the game to try and claim all the titles and become the ultimate pound for pound boxing champ.

Versus is where you can fight a single match against any of the boxers you have already defeated.

Challenge mode tests your skills in a whole variety of fun ways, not your conventional circuit or versus mode – it will help train you to defeat bigger and badder opponents in circuit mode.

Super KO Boxing 2 is well worth purchasing if your a boxing fan and love a good challenge. However if your just looking for a button tapping game with little brain power needed then this game isn’t for you. Are you a hard slugger or boxing ballerina? If your the latter and appreciate the strategy involved in achieving greatness in the ring then grab this game at your app store now by clicking one of the download links at the bottom of this article.

A word regarding phone capacity*

Being a glossy graphic intensive and fairly in depth mobile game Super KO Boxing 2 will take up a fair bit internal phone memory. I am suspecting this why some players may have complained about it shutting down automatically. You may try to install all the game using your internal memory and thus have none free for phone app performance.

However the game only installs partially at first when downloading it. When you first launch the game it will then give you the option of downloading the rest to either your phone or SD card. Choose the latter and you shouldn’t have any problems with the game closing when playing. After all it is 60mb to 100mb in size depending on which platform you are playing it on – not a big deal to store on your SD card but very consuming for internet phone memory.


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Super KO Boxing 2 is developed by Glu.