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The sequel to the original arcade smash hit, Soul Edge, is on the mobile platform. Namco Bandai's Soulcalibur is a 3D fighting game that focuses on weapon themed combat. Katanas, greatswords, axes, staves, spears, and all sorts of other powerful melee weapons clash as players choose among an gallery of legendary fighters. The mobile version features all the great features present in the console release of Soulcalibur, and up to this day, the gameplay is as crisp and as fun as ever. There is a reason why it won so many awards all those years ago, and when you play, it is easy to know why.

soul edgeSoul Edge was the original arcade game that Soul Calibur is based on and was released in 1995.

Soulcalibur Brings Hardcore Weapons Combat to Mobile

A tale of souls and swords, eternally retold -so goes the iconic phrase that welcomes players into the world of Soulcalibur; the game is a sequel to Soul Edge and sets its story a years after the events of the previous game. Many of the original characters return, Mitsurugi, Siegfried, Taki, Sophitia, and others -and they are now joined by an all new triumvirate of heroes: Kilik, Xianghua, and Maxi, along with several other new fighters. Aside from introducing new fighting styles, the story of the legendary cursed blade, Soul Edge, is further delved into as well.

Block, Parry, Thrust

Soulcalibur's combat system is undoubtedly what makes this game so outstanding. Beyond the impressive graphics, wonderful character design, and amazing model animations, it is the solid feel of combat, unique combo system, and the smooth implementation of an 8 way run mechanic, that truly makes this game magnificent. Choosing a fighter also means learning a specific form of armed martial arts. There is a distinct difference in the way each character fights -based on their weapon and body type.

The knightly Siegfried (or Nightmare) has a body that brings strength and agility, but his Zweihander (which is literally German for two-handed) is a massive weapon that has a long wind up for each attack. As such, his huge slashes are powerful in terms of damage and thanks to its size, has plenty of reach, but if he needs a quick counter that is not easily blocked, you will to rely on his jab like pommels and kicks to create some space. Constantly using his larger swings will leave him open for counterattacks by the enemy.

On the other hand, the female ninja Taki is truly fast and nimble, and this is complemented by her weapons -short straight Japanese swords called Kodachi. Her overwhelming speed allows her to chain plenty of slashes, and her acrobatic mobility lets her close in and maneuver around enemies quickly. However, only a few of her moves are singularly devastating, forcing her to rely on quick combo chains. Continue Reading

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Please Note*: Unfortuately this game was removed from both the Android and Apple store and there isn't an apk file available to download from any website.

Shadow Fight 3: A Game Similar to Soulcalibur

Shadow Fight 3

The only game for Android and iOS we can recommend a little is Shadow Fight 3 which is similar to Soulcalibur. I say a little because even though Shadow Fight 3 represents a brilliant sword and weapons fighting game it falls short because like it's predecessor, it has an insatiable hunger for microtransactions in yet another pay for play model. If you can get over having to pay some money to upgrade your character, theres a lot of mileage and fun to be had for any fighting fan.

Review Continued

As shown with the above, fighting with very distinct styles means that the combat balance in the game has a nuanced approach. There is a vast difference in between using Astaroth (who uses a gigantic axe) and Maxi (who uses twin nunchuks), and while the initial steps of playing the game is to learn and master a character you like, being familiar with opponent's moves and abilities also matter as well.

The Cursed Blade and the People After It

The basic plot of Soulcalibur revolves around "Soul Edge", which is a cursed weapon used by the final boss of the previous game, the pirate Cervantes. Siegfried managed to defeat Soul Edge, but victory was not without a price, and now the young knight must carry the weight of the demonic blade. The rest of the characters, like Taki and Sophitia, still continue to pursue the sword. Meanwhile, the new entrants, Kilik, Maxi, and Xianghua, each possess a legendary item that when brought together, can help cleanse the evil of the cursed sword. In their narrative, they learn and discover the power of another powerful weapon known as Soul Calibur -the only weapon that can match Soul Edge.

Aside from its vast mythology (which has expanded by a lot since the original release of this game), Soulcalibur is also host to a wide variety of characters. Each one is designed not only with a specific weapon and fighting style in mind, but also as a representative of different cultures as well. Mitsurugi and Taki are iconically Japanese (a samurai and a ninja), while Xianghua undoubtedly uses a form of wushu (Chinese martial arts). Maxi, despite the character being of Japanese descent, uses nunchuks in the style of the famous Chinese fighter, Bruce Lee. Some of the combat styles (or certain moves) used in the game are completely fictional, but they add a lot of variety and style to the game.

A Long Road to the Future

While Soulcalibur is truly an amazing game, it is also a pretty old one. The series is already up to its' fifth installment (which makes the core games 6 in total, counting the original unnumbered, Soul Edge as the first). And in that almost 14 years span of time, the series has evolved by quite a lot. New gameplay mechanics such as just-frame parries, chain cancels, armor damage reduction, and more have been added to further deepen the feel of gameplay. And even with all that, getting a chance to play the original once more brings a feeling of nostalgia for many of the original fans. Even more interesting is the fact that the game manages to hold up so well even after all these years.

It Does Not End Here

Indeed, Soulcalibur is one of the most iconic games series of all time as it has the single most impressive 3D weapons combat fighting system. While many initially viewed the older Soul Edge as a 3D incarnation of Samurai Shodown, it did not take long before the series established itself as the new standard. The mobile app of the classic is an amazing port that brings back all the core features of the original console version -game modes Arcade, time attack, survival, etc are all included. They even kept intact the Museum mode which serves as a great gallery of artwork and other content. If you are a fan of the original, or a new generation fighting game aficionado, we highly recommend this game for you.


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Soulcalibur is developed by BANDAI NAMCO.