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The series first appeared in arcades in 1998. By the following year it had been ported to home video game consoles. Now the highly acclaimed ?SOULCALIBUR? series is available on Google Play. Enjoy the memorable characters and non-stop action that SOULCALIBUR is renowned for with complete arcade fidelity in the comfort of your own home!

Release Date: 30/07/1998

App Store Rating: 4.1/5

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Game Modes:

Arcade Battle: The original battle mode from the arcade version of "Soul Calibur." Defeat all enemies to make it to the end of the game.

Vs Battle: Battle an opponent over a Bluetooth connection. Note: "VS BATTLE" using Bluetooth cannot be used with iPod touch 4.

Time Attack: How fast can you beat the game?

Survival: With only a limited amount of life, how many opponents can you defeat?

Extra Survival: How many opponents can you can defeat with single-hit kills?

Museum: Enjoy viewing a variety of artwork.

Practice: Learn the game's basic system and techniques.


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Soulcalibur is developed by BANDAI NAMCO.

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