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Shadow Fight 3

3 Unique Styles of Fighting Combine in this Original Weapons 1 vs 1 Fighter

In what should be a true air to the throne left by the classic sword fighting game Soulcalibur, Shadow Fight 3 allows you to learn three different fighting styles and combine them into your own way of fighting as you take on an exciting world of enemies in 1 vs 1 fighting. Yet it falls short due to it's lust for fremium transactions and it's obvious hunger to force players to pay to win, like many titles these days that don't seem to be able to find a balance between making money and giving the player value for that money.

While the visuals are rather special, the fighting and movements of the characters realistc and sometimes magical the game is somewhat tarnished with it's model of competition. If you loved the second edition of this game and still want to continue your journey just be weary of this fundamental floor before installing the game.

We originally wrote an article below about what we wanted to see in the game before it was released. It's still worth reading and joining in the discusion because none of it was implemented in this version!

App Store Rating: 4.0/5

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Things We Wanted to See in Shadow Fight 3: Some Delivered, Others Not So

Ninjas are cool and awesome, no two ways about it. They hide in shadows, they are stealthy, they are trained to kill, and allegedly, you never see them coming. So a whole fighting game featuring ninjas is pretty awesome and cool. That is what the Shadow Fight game series is all about (that's also why this game is called "shadow fight" in the first place). So, if the game does get a third installment in the series, there are some very neat ninja-ish things we would like to see as well as previous problems that the developers should address.

More than Shadows (Implemented)

It is not as if the images that appear in the narrative bits of the story are without any form or detail, so the developers should do something about adding more visual detail to the combat. The whole silhouette thing is a signature of the series, so we are not saying they should abandon it completely. But it would be nice if there were brief moments that the characters would be partially visible -like the when fighting near light sources such as lanterns, candles, or even the light of the moon. We don't need to see the full colored details, but even the faintest bit of content (like the way Shadow is shown in the icon on top of the screen) will make the whole shadow approach look better.

Break the World (Not Implemented)

The environment should play a bigger part in combat. The thin bamboo reeds and paper-thin walls (and other stuff) are often sliced in samurai movies as collateral damage whenever two fighters get into a duel - think of classic samurai movies such as Lonewolf and Cub or the more recent Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman. It would be to the visuals' advantage if these little graphic elements were added as it fully emphasizes that the two shadow figures really are fighting a battle of life and death.

Go Ninja Go (Not Implemented)

Since the game is obviously inspired by old school samurai movies, why not go the whole nine yards? Ninja battles are pretty dynamic - they are not strictly limited to two guys slugging it out toe to toe. There is a lot of non-lateral movement; running alongside each other while throwing shuriken and clashing swords, jumping up and down walls, and even the whole fake-body ninja abilities that seem to magically teleport them away from danger or behind their opponents. It would be a pretty complex thing to add these details, but Shadow Fight has been too much of a traditional fighting game to do the ninjas full justice.

Better Customization (Implemented)

Having your own ninja fighter is a cool thing - being able to decide which weapons to equip (which affects your fighting style) makes the combat system in Shadow Fight 2 feel more dynamic than having a single set of moves to rely on. Still, the next game should add more customization options - both aesthetic and functional. Being able to special in certain weapons, fighting styles, and even being able to choose from a variety of ninja-techniques should be added to the game.

Make it Paid (Not Implemented)

One of the biggest drawbacks of the previous game was that it was free to play, but it was also full of freemium game mechanics that crippled much of the gameplay. Waiting for turns is a hard thing to do in a fighting game -since the whole point of a fighting game is that you get launched into quick paced action. The whole wait for energy mechanic kind of ruins that flow; but still developers have to find a way to earn which is why they implemented such a mechanic in the previous game. The better option would be to make the game a paid app. This may seem alienating, but if the price is right, fans of the previous game will be sure to adapt to the new one. Also, this means that all features of the game will already be unlocked without needing to purchase premium credits (which is what made the weapons system of the previous game discouraging to deal with).