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real boxing 3

Box to the Future

Don't think for one second that you can call yourself a true fan of boxing games until you've tried out Vivid Games' Real Boxing. It's simply a must-have for mobile-phone-owning fans of boxing everywhere, and its graphics are sublime. This realistic boxing game became a series, however, with Real Boxing 2 being just as worth anyone's time than the original. There's no sequel yet unfortunately, but I've certainly got a few things on my mind that stand out after playing the existing games of the series. This article is all about the recommendations of features and improvements that would make Real Boxing 3 an absolute masterpiece.

Charge Me Up

It's very difficult to criticise the previous Real Boxing games, particularly after the improvements seen in Real Boxing 2: Rocky. However, the main contention with the Vivid Games boxing series has been the energy system. This system is really just a pay wall erected by the developers in order to encourage a bit of spending through micro-transactions. While not heavily invasive, its's not exactly the most fun thing to have to wait real-life minutes and even hours in order to be able to fight more opponents.

The only suggestion I can make is to redress the balance of micros transactions a little. This could perhaps be done by reducing the amount of energy required over time, so that you don't have to wait quite as long for your next fight all the time. Premium items such as stats-boosting boxing gloves, energy drinks, or even trainers could also be introduced. This would still ensure that the game makes money from fans willing to pay some money to get better hardware/stats, but will also keep those not paying for the game happy too.

Gloves Off

Most boxing fans would be lying if they said that they hadn't wished that they were watching more brutal fights in their sport. The rise of UFC is, after all, undeniable in recent years. So what I'm suggesting is some sort of scenario in Real Boxing 3 that involves the gloves literally coming off.

The first possibility here is that gloves-off fighting is implemented through an anger system. If you take too many hits, you could become angry and increase the chances of your fighter whipping his gloves off and giving the opponent a good smashing, therefore disqualifying himself. This is a much better finish than simply being knocked out, I reckon.

Perhaps more likely, however, would be a mode in Real Boxing 3 that involves legal, gloves-off fighting, though not in MMA style of course - we still want it to being a boxing game, after all! It could be a "Brawl Mode" or "Fists of Fury" mode, perhaps, with fighters taking gloves off and fighting raw. This should be accompanied by a huge quantity of blood and significantly more damage dealt to the fighters' faces and bodies. It'd be more controlled than the kind of brawl seen in other fighting games like Mortal Kombat, but also a step up from the usual boxing action of the Real Boxing series.

It's 2016, After All

Yes, boxing was traditionally a male-only pursuit. You can't deny, however, that female fighters aren't every bit as fierce and worthy of inclusion in boxing games as their male counterparts. What I'm suggesting is simple: the inclusion of female boxers in the action. If Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey can do it, why can't there be female boxers in the Real Boxing 3 action?

Whether the complete implementation of female fighters into Real Boxing 3 would involve its own mode or whether they could be selected amongst the male boxers would be up to the developer. What's clear, though, is that boxing (or indeed any martial art) is no longer just a male sport, and Real Boxing 3 should reflect this.

Controller Support

One final addition that would definitely improve Real Boxing 3 is the addition of controller support. Though the on-screen gesture system works well, fighting games such as these are the perfect platform for controller-based input. This is particularly true of game that require the kind of precision and nuanced skill involved in the Real Boxing series. Controller support would introduce a sizeable new audience to Real Boxing, one which is currently isolated from the series because of its lack of controller support. Real Boxing 3 would definitely be the perfect time in the series to add in this kind of functionality.

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