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Punch Quest

Punch Quest is an arcade-style fighting game, entirely controlled by taps with your left and right thumbs.

Jab, uppercut, slam, and otherwise pummel your way through dungeons full of monsters, branching path choices, rare events, and fragile pottery.

Release Date: 25/10/2012

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

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Punch Quest Tips – Lasting Longer, Earning More Punch Coins and Gaining a High Score

We’ve been playing Rocketcat’s Punch Quest recently and thought we would share some tips with you on lasting longer in this endless brawler.

  • Never smash monsters into a wall of spikes – as the spikes don’t affect them and when you have punched the life out of them you will then crash into the spikes yourself. Once there it is hard to escape getting stung at least twice by the spikes because there is no back control for getting out of harms way.
  • When fighting floating squids you need to jump well in advance and punch straight into their faces to successfully kill them. If you run too near them don’t be tempted to try to take them out with an uppercut a fair amount times you will get stung by their tentacles – ignore them and focus on your next enemy. (This is particularly relevant for the electric squid)
  • Never neglect a dead enemy’s corpse, they can be punched into the next set of baddies dealing damage and getting a nice head start on them.
  • Use your surroundings – There are many surroundings that can be punched in Punch Quest. These include the flames on the walls which can prove very useful projectiles against flying creatures such as the electric squids and ghosts – saving the hassle of having to do a precise jump and forward punch against them. Flames also count as combo’s and stack up to gain higher levels (which unleash your special powers).
  • Evade Annoying Packs – If your running into a pack of enemies which look too much trouble (being a mixture of flying and ground – a couple of ghosts thrown in for good measure) don’t try to tackle them head on if they look too tricky – save your energy for the many fights you can win. The safer option allows you to avoid the inevitable multi projectiles from flying enemies which can be hard to avoid.
  • Fingers of grace not haste! – Keeping light fingered in the game is key to quick and effective punching – just like in real life! The more relaxed you remain the quicker your punches and reactions to new oncoming enemies and obstacles.
  • Keep Your Eyes Pealed – This may seem an obvious tip but you will be surprised how fixated you will get on simply smashing enemies into smithereens right in front of you. You can end up missing a lot of coins and items being carried by flying monsters, chests on the ground and other items hanging around such as the special flames. You need to play Punch Quest from a multi purpose perspective in order to get the most juice from the game – punching is only part of the Punch Quest not the entire aim!
  • Keep Glancing Ahead – Again if your always looking at what’s just in front of you and not acknowledging your next enemy or obstacle beyond, you will come unstuck very fast. Always keep your eyes on both what is directly in front and what is after – this way you will last longer by evading the annoying things such as spikes, oncoming projectiles from those nasty ghosts and fires popping up from the ground.

Best Powerup’s

A good early level 1 powerup when starting out is the ‘Flyin Fist‘. This upgrade allows you to ‘hover’ by punching fast in the air allowing you to hover. It sort of works well with the tip above of jumping over awkward packs of monsters as you can evade even longer packs.

As you can only equip one power up from each of the two powerup levels at a time the Narwhal Reverse Cap of Bubbling is a great ‘Ultra Item’ to obtain. It grants you a free ‘Bull Rush‘. We got the hat by spending a bit of money on some additional punch coins – when you buy punch coins the developers give you a free mystery item and we got the hat as our reward (you may well get something different). Shown below the Bull hat and Bull Rush skill allows you to charge horns first with an invulnerable attack. Use your block (both keys together) to perform the bull rush.

punch quest game: bull rush

In Power 1 Skills one of the other two upgrades we would advise you save for is either ‘Dull Pain‘ and ‘Hungry Man‘. Dull Pain means after getting hit by a monster you’re damage-proof for longer than normal. Hungry Man allows all unlocked food upgrades to have a higher than normal chance to spawn – which is quite a nice surprise and can serve you well when your down to a couple of hearts (food can crop up when you need it most with this upgrade)

If your going to save for ‘Bam Grief‘ – the top level 1 upgrade where you stick your fists out and spin around really fast then you will have to take your Narwhal Reverse Cap of Bubbling hat off or any other item that adds a skill requiring you to use the block ability. Any free skill you gain from an item (which requires you use a block to activate it) overrides the ability to use Bam Grief (which also uses the block function to activate it). This is actually a weakness of Punch Quest. In our Punch Quest 2 Article we recommend the developers add a third button so the block button can be separate from a special moves button sequence.

In Power 2 Skills we recommend you save for the El Reflecto, this allows you to punch projectiles away – there are many flying creatures that shoot projectiles throughout your run and some can be really annoying – waiting for a particular moment to shoot at you (one of the strengths of the game is the monsters AI) so El Reflecto is a useful skill to have. We did try the Air Wolf (the top upgrade) but we weren’t that impressed considering it’s hefty price tag. We found most of the time it only served to plunge our hero further into trouble as half the time the dive ability fails to clear a full pack of enemies leaving you vulnerable to counter attacks with the other half of the mob left to attack you.

Mini Bosses

  • Cyclops: He can be defeated by simply punching him in his eye rather than his belly. Jump to do an upper cut then punch along at him in his eye to knock him out.
  • Mechanical Eyeball: This boss is much more difficult than the Cyclops and you may think you are causing him no harm when you jump and punch him in the eye but that’s exactly what you need to do. We flying punched him for around 30 seconds before he went down! Beware this boss is very hard to tackle if you have the Thunderpunch super move equipped and charged when you start the boss. Thunderpunch only serves to give the mechanical eyeball a super charge which causes a 360 degree rotation of it’s arm which is pretty much impossible to avoid getting hit by. This can happen three or four times during the encounter meaning you could well loose most of your health.
  • Skull Face: A fairly easy boss to handle if you have the Flying Fist ability equipped from Power 1 Skills – as this allows you to hover and punch the skull repeatedly meaning just a few jumps and many punch combinations can kill him. If you don’t he can prove quiet tricky as you will allow him more time in between your shorter jumps to spit out his mini blue skulls which will bounce at you.

That’s it for now. We will update this article as we get better at the game. If you have any tips to add please share them below with us.

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Punch Quest is developed by Noodlecake Studios Inc.