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Punch Quest by Rocketcat Games is a fantastic beatem up dash game that has been highly acclaimed. Consult reviews at IGN, Touch Arcade, Slide to Play to name a few to see how well regarded this original smash and dash title is.

At Whack It we would very much like to see Punch Quest 2 made and with that dreamy thought in mind we have some suggestions for improving the game here.

  • To us the block is rendered useless in the game – as the game is pretty much a ‘keep moving forward’ type, stopping and blocking is counter productive which pretty much is what happens when you do block. A running block would be much better and would make more sense with Punch Quest. Also blocking by pressing down on both keys is too difficult to do meaning you just ended up abandoning this move – and yet the block function should be an important part of your survival strategy. Even changing the way you block to a ‘Swipe’ in the options doesn’t seem the right choice for us. We would recommend a third key for special moves instead and that the block is a running block. Perhaps the third button could be placed between the current left and right buttons.
  • A greater variety of weapons would be welcome. We like the fact that certain power-ups and additions such as riding the laser shooting raptor are thrown upon you at random but we also feel being able to pick up a lot more of the weapons the monsters drop would be great – such as the swords and spears wielded by the skeletons and the spiked clubs by the cyclop’s.
  • Progress points where you start from in Punch Quest 2 would prove a nice relief and avoid the feelings of – ‘not from the start again’ you can get with Punch Quest. Rather than starting from the same beginning which gets a bit tedious actually being able to move forward in the game and progress somewhere would make number 2 come alive and provide the gamer with a greater sense of achievement rather than just aiming to beat your last high score all the time.
  • More varied backdropsFor us the backdrops of the first game don’t vary enough any time soon. There needs to be more variety in the environments you punch through to keep the game fresh at a quicker rate. Dungeons are cool but they do get monotonous in a game that is as fast paced as Punch Quest.
  • Story Mode PleaseOk so it’s a retro beatem up so we don’t need some Shakespearean script for Punch Quest 2 but that’s all the more reason to have a storyline – it would be very easy to incorporate and can be as simple as the guy going after an evil boss whose kidnapped his girlfriend – in actual fact we would cherish such as a story line returning to the nostalgia feeling of old classics such as Double Dragon, Final Fight and even the later Streets of Rage. Story mode would certainly make us want to play Punch Quest 2 for longer than the current version. A good mix of Double Dragon and the dash concept would be an intoxicating blend of action!
  • Multiplayer Mode Please – What’s that you say? Two steroid pumping brawlers on the screen at once like the old days – remember Crude Busters? Yep the ability for two of you to play across two devices on one screen would see a return of the classic beatem up mode from old school games such as those previously mentioned. Multi coop is a very popular mode with many games now and we feel no game is more suited to this idea than Punch Quest. Even a split screen and online multiplayer mode would be great – maybe again with players being able to fight together or even race against each other with a time and points based competition.
  • Further Customisation of Characters - You can change the hair colour, skin colour and armour colours but ultimately the characters look the same! Let’s have more character customisation options such as a variety of faces and bodies to work from. Of course the dev’s could simply introduce more characters to play with as well. We’d like to see a real big guy like Max out of Streets of Rage 2 and a girl – yes we now live in an equal society and women can hit just as hard if not harder than men can in some cases!

Well that’s our list for now but we would love to hear your ideas on Punch Quest 2 so why not share them with us below?

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