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Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X is Way More Fun than it Looks

Mortal Kombat has gone a long way from the time that it was a massive alternative to Street Fighter and made players wonder why the letter "c" gets replaced by a "k". It has gone on to different publishers, spawned a couple of movies (the MK movie dance beat is so ridiculously Katchy), and has just basically grown big enough to permeate pop culture so deeply that even if you have never played the game itself, the words "fatality" and "come over here" are easily recognizable.

What is Mortal Kombat X?

The "Mortal Kombat" is an interdimensional fighting tournament where the winner determines the fate of pretty much everything in the game. Competing in this game are the top fighters of pretty much everything -armed to the teeth with weapons and battle prowess, each one to face each other in fights to the death. MKX marks the 10th game in the main numbered series that has seen countless heroes and villains come and go. The mobile app version of the game is a streamlined fighting game designed for a touch screen interface.

mortal kombat x: action

The combat system in the MKX mobile app is a lot like the Injustice game: players face off against opponents and use swipes in order to input attacks. Whenever an attack lands or players take a hit, their super meter on the bottom of the screen slowly builds up. Being able to use the special abilities at the right time is the key to winning a match. This is a game of waiting and patience, where you are best served by reacting as opposed to taking the initiative. If you attack and your string of moves is blocked, you are left open wide for a full counter-attack, this is even worse if your opponent has a fully charged power bar.

And just like Injustice, battles in this game are held in teams. Players build up a team of fighters and have them swapping in and out of matches -strategically planning which characters to use is an important part of the game. There is also a lot of timing involved, if you switch out your character at the wrong time, you can end up getting left wide open for an attack. One the flip side, a well timed switch can pretty much turn the battle in your favor.

Release Date: 04/05/2015

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

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Feels Like Old School

The first MK game was inspired by those old school Hong Kong martial arts films with hammy dialogue but awesome fight scenes. And while the each sequel has become progressively more serious and less humorous, the roots of Mortal Kombat are still present in each game. This is why a lot of attack moves look exaggerated and can be spammed over and over in ridiculous fashions -despite the fact that you are dealing with some of the most incredible fighting game characters ever conceived.

Intricate Kombat

mortal kombat x: intricate

The fights in Mortal Kombat X are fast and furious; you will rarely even get to a point where a match is decided by the timer. All the fighters have ways to charge in and close distance pretty fast -making this a tough game for anyone who relies on projectile spamming. The stages are also dynamic, allowing all character to interact with the way the stage is built (getting cornered is rarely a thing now as you can almost always use the background to help you out -also, for fairness, environmental interactions are the more or less the same for all characters.

The Verdict: Flawless Victory

The amount of effort and love that went into the creation of this game is incredible. While Mortal Kombat will never be as big as Street Fighter or Tekken in the tournaments, it has its own solid and loyal fanbase, as there is much about the game to love. That is why the game has survived all this time, it has a lot of fun and cool stuff, but at the same time, it will keep adapting and changing in order to move with the times (which is how it retains fans). Just look at former lead protagonist Liu Kang, who has taken a huge step back in order to move the spotlight to Scorpion and Sub Zero (who are much more famous), that alone is a massive testament to the way that this game tries to deliver what the fans want and need.

Rating: 91/100


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Mortal Kombat X is developed by Warner Brothers Games.