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MMA Federation

Fight online Players across the globe. Notch up WINS to progress to higher Leagues, bigger Tournaments and tougher online opponents. Become the ultimate MMA Champion and win real prizes from top MMA brands!

Join genuine MMA Teams and Train with world famous Fighters and Coaches. MMA FEDERATION is a Fighting Game that throws you into an authentic world of Mixed Martial Arts. Discover turn-based gameplay thats easy to learn, difficult to master and brutally addictive!


Create your own unique fighting style. Master a multitude of Martial Arts disciplines including Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling and more. Create your custom Fight Deck from hundreds of Moves. Dismantle opponents with your signature fighting strategy!

Online Multiplayer

Challenge friends to real time PvP fights. Find new opponents on the MMA Federation Career Map. Compete in the Daily Challenge with online Players to win prizes!

Train & Level Up

Upgrade your fighting abilities in one of our real-world team gyms. Legendary Coaches such as Bas Rutten (Elite MMA) and Firas Zahabi (Tristar) will put you through your paces. Master each discipline by playing over 20 addicting mini-games. Train with some of the top fighters from American Top Team, SBG, Elite MMA and Tristar.

Release Date: 06/08/2015

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

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MMA Federation Features

  • Compete in action packed PvP Fights
  • Fight online Players in global IMMAF Tournaments
  • Progress through MMA Leagues to Fight tougher opponents!
  • Create unique, fully customizable fighters from thousands of options
  • Train your own team of Kickboxers, Wrestlers, Boxers, Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai fighters
  • Design your own trademark fighting style by building a Fight Deck from hundreds of Moves
  • Join your favourite real-world MMA Team. Choose from Tristar, American Top Team, SBG and more!
  • Style your fighter in branded MMA gear from Hayabusa, Bad Boy, Fuji, JACO and Legacy
  • Train in many martial arts disciplines and styles, from beginner to master
  • Unlock hundreds of MMA moves, creating your own unique fighting style
  • Find Online Players on the Career Map and challenge them to Fight


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MMA Federation is developed by 360 Studios.