Kungfu Warrior 2 & Tips for Mobile

Beat Down in Little China: The Return of the Kung Fu Warrior

kungfu warrior game: bosses

Kung Fu Warrior was a breath of fresh air when we first played it. It reminded us of the days when games did not focus too much on the graphics but the gameplay instead. While the gameplay in Kung Fu Warrior is not something to write home about, it was effortless and fun, it gave us that nostalgic feeling of playing a classic beat em up game such as Capcom’s Final Fight and Konami’s Double Dragon. While we are waiting for the announcement for Kung Fu Warrior 2, here are some things that we think will make the next game better.

Tanned Bodies and Bulging Muscles

Kung Fu Warrior uses flash animation for its graphics, and it was quite beautiful to watch especially since the animation in the game was extremely fluid. The details of the game’s characters were sharp, clear and so well designed that we would often mistake the characters for 2D sprites drawn in high definition. For the game’s sequel, we expect to see the same level of quality if not higher, when it comes to the character’s appearance and animation in the game.

But perhaps a more prudent play by the developers would be to focus on improving the stages and backgrounds. While they were quite pleasant to look at, the stages and backgrounds in Kung Fu Warrior were a tad too barren and lifeless. There were hardly any animations going on in the first game’s background, and it was like fighting in a theatre stage filled with an environment made out of cardboard. Kung Fu Warrior 2 should have fully animated stages and backgrounds – just imagine fighting in a field full of swaying grass or a dense forest with hundreds of falling leaves, it would look and feel truly epic, like the scenes we usually see in classic martial arts films – take Crouch Tiger Hidden Dragon for instance.

Another thing we would like to see in Kung Fu Warrior 2 is battle damage on the hero and enemies. Since the first game starred a character that resembles the late, formidable martial arts master Bruce Lee. We want to see some wounds and bruises appear on the character’s body, just like they did in Bruce Lee’s films, where he got slashed by a sword and a bladed claw. We feel that adding these small details to the game’s visuals will improve on the game’s realism and appeal since it will give the player a connection to the hero that they are playing as. Battle damage on the enemies is also expected since we cannot have the hero being the only one being abused in the game. We are quite sure that a lot of people out there who love playing these types of games will appreciate seeing their enemies bloodied and keeling over thanks to the beating that they have deliver.

The Battles Cries of a Kung Fu Master

While playing Kung Fu Warrior, we noticed that the sound effects in the game were a bit delayed sometimes. At first we thought that it was because of our Android smartphone, so we installed the game on an Android Tablet to see if the problem would go away – sadly, it did not. We expect this issue to be totally ironed out by the next game since the problem seems to be coming from the game itself and not related to the devices that are running the game.

Each stage in Kung Fu Warrior 2 should also have its own unique music. Especially if, the stage or background has its own theme compared to the others.

Moves and Skills

Kung Fu Warrior 2 needs an independent jump button. In the first game, you have to press a directional button first in order to make a jump. Having a separate jump button will give us the ability to jump in place, which can be useful for dodging attacks.

Combos and Special moves are part of Kung Fu Warrior’s gameplay mechanics, and we want the developers to expand the number of combos available in the game. They should add air juggles as well so that we can defeat enemies in midair while avoiding other foes on the ground. We hope to see different variations of Special moves in Kung Fu Warrior 2, not just offensive ones. They should give the hero a Special move where he channels his Chi and heals his wounds – this would be extremely useful in emergency situations.

There should be more types of enemies in Kung Fu Warrior 2. The first game was clearly lacking when it came to enemy variety and the players ended up fighting the same opponents over and over again which proved a bit monotonous. Having different types of enemies gives the player a reason to learn new strategies, since they would need to defeat foes with different skills and abilities. Additional bosses should also be included. A beat em up game would not be complete without fabulous bosses to kill.

A multiplayer mode where players can team up or go head-to-head should be added in Kung Fu Warrior 2 – multi cooperate play is a must – it’s literally how beat em up’s were defined. Just imagine beating up dozens of unscrupulous guys with a friend or a family member. A Versus mode would add some serious replay value to a sequel, especially if they make it like a fighting game instead of a regular beat em up.

The Waiting Begins

We do not know if or when Kung Fu Warrior 2 is going to be released, however, we are obviously looking forward to playing it when it comes out. We can only hope that some of our opinions and recommendations for the sequel get realized by Triniti Games. Still, we have high hopes, and we believe in the game developer’s skill in making good games, so we just have to wait until it is time to relive our dreams of being a Kung Fu Warrior once again.