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Injustice Gods Among Us

Still the Best DC Hero Battle Yet

Injustice: Gods Among Us is an amazing fighting game, and it is something you should not pass up if you fit into any of these three categories: you like the Mortal Kombat game engine, you like DC comics, you like good fighting games in general. The game is solid, has responsive controls, beautiful graphics, and enough gameplay to keep you playing for weeks on end. But also, it has a pretty well made story that is actually worth learning more about (we do encourage fans to try the "Year 1" to "Year 5" comic series that lays out the backstory for the whole game).

Why is Superman the Bad Guy? What is Going On?

Yes, Superman is the main antagonist of the story. To be precise, the main bad guy is the Superman of an alternate world.

In this world, Lois Lane is pregnant and Clark is excited. However, Joker kidnaps her, connects a nuclear bomb detonator to her heart, and then poisons Superman with a mix of kryptonite fumes and Scarecrow's gas. The hallucinations turn on Superman and he unknowingly ends up killing Lois, and then the nuke destroys Metropolis. By the end of it all, Superman is extremely bitter and angry that he starts wanting to "end all conflict" and will force his will upon the world if he needs to.

The Kryptonian's super powered Regime is supported by a mix of powered heroes and villains. Wonder Woman, the Flash, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Shazam, and other heroes follow him (some with a bit of hesitation). On the other hand, Batman refuses to join the new Regime. And with him are other heroes (Green Arrow, Black Canary, etc) who refuse to bend down to Superman.

Seeing his side badly outclassed, Batman develops a super-drug that allows non-powered heroes to gain super strength (allowing them to fight against their enemies on more even ground). Bruce also decides to recruit the heroes of another dimension (ergo, the normal DC universe's Justice League) to help him defeat evil Regime Superman.

Enough Backstory, What is the Game Like?

Injustice makes use of the game engine for Mortal Kombat, as such the movement is a lot more jumpy and has a more ragged beat than Japanese developed fighting games (which have a smoother flow). This difference works well with the hard hitting and solid feel of Injustice's attack animations. Fighting game fans will enjoy the great balance between most of the characters, though some of the top tier ones (like Superman) feel naturally over-powered at some point.

Combat controls are similar to Infinity Blade, where you tap and drag across the screen in order to initiate combos, block, or use super moves. The super move meter is one of the most important parts of the game that you need to keep an eye on. While it is possible to deplete an opponent's life bar by whittling them with punches and kicks, it is the super moves that will take out huge chunks of health in a single go (though for some characters, special moves can also give buffs or provide healing).

Of course, players should always remember that they are not fighting alone. You fight in groups of three and you can swap characters in an out of play during a match. It is an active three vs three match, so be sure to make the most out of this feature. Characters not currently in combat can heal and recuperate, and it is often a good strategy to tap out a character with a charged super meter then bring them out for a massive surprise attack. Continue Reading

Release Date: 03/04/2013

App Store Rating: 4.5/5

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Yes, There is a Card System

In order to create a team, players will have to get cards. Cards determine which heroes and villains will be available to you for play. The good news is that you can opt to just directly buy specific characters instead of hoping to randomly draw them from card packs. This makes the game's randomness feel a little fairer. Aside from character cards, players can also attain cards that provide passive boosts -these can strengthen either specific characters, unlock moves, or even give boosts for the whole team's stats.

Aside from a card system, there is also an energy bar that determines who many matches you can have at a time. As with all energy systems in mobile games, these will recover after a certain amount of time has passed.

They Can Make a CG Movie Out of This

This game really lets you feel the power of the super-powered characters that you play as. Doomsday literally rips through the surface of the world, Bane breaks enemies' backs across his knees to the gnarly sound of the spine snapping, every single one of Wonder Woman's punches reverberate with impact and force. It is a great combo of good animation, carefully selected camera angles, and of course, high quality sound effects that make everything seem so much larger than life. It also helps that the voice work feels very much alike the original voices from the old JL/JLU animated series.

While the looks of the characters for Injustice has been slightly improved and revamped, they still carry many of their iconic costume traits -making each DC character quite easy to recognize. Speaking of recognition, the characters (and their special moves) are not the only ones that comic fans will be familiar with, many of the stages are too. From the Watchtower, to the Batcave, to Atlantis, to the Fortress of Solitude and more, each location is chock full of comic references and cameos.


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Injustice Gods Among Us is developed by Warner Bros. International Enterprises.