Hipster Smackdown Mobile Game for Android

Hipster Smackdown

Frustrated, irritated or just plain confused by the rising Hipster population? If so, then Hipster SMACKDOWN is for you! 48 levels and 3 different locations challenge you to smack the hipster and get him as far away from you as possible!

Release Date: 14/01/2014

App Store Rating: 4.1/5

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  • Amazing graphics that maintain artistic integrity without selling out.
  • Challenging gameplay that you can enjoy without looking like you care.
  • Original soundtrack featuring a composer that none of your friends have heard of!
  • Cheap in-App purchases that even a student can afford!


Hipster Smackdown View 2 Hipster Smackdown View 3 Hipster Smackdown View 4 Hipster Smackdown View 5

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Hipster Smackdown is developed by Phase Two Games.