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FaceFighter Gold

FaceFighter is the fast-paced and funny first person fighting game where your friends are your foes! If it has a face, you can fight it ... any photo becomes a custom FaceFighter foe in seconds. Trade punches and kicks with your opponent -- blacken eyes and knock out teeth with comical cartoon attacks

Release Date: 07/06/2010

App Store Rating: 3.0/5

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Game Description: Have you ever wished to punch or kick someone in the face? If you agree with me, then this game will grant you that wish. No, It won’t teach you to kick or punch, but it will allow you to put any person’s [Your friend or foe] face and start beating the 7 colors of rainbow out of them. FaceFighter Gold is a pure entertainment game and will keep you laughing all the time.


FaceFighter Gold sports an interesting gameplay style. You are allowed to create your opponent, you can either take a photo from the camera or you can choose a photo that is already in your Gallery. After choosing a photo you will have to calibrate it and crop it to fit the game and you have created yourself a new opponent to fight.

face fighter game: pick your face

The Face Fighter game has online leaderboards and supports Feint, you can unlock Feint achievements and share your score on the leaderboards where players from all over the world post their scores. You can also share your scores through Facebook, Twitter or email and let your friends know about your mastery of the game.


The game has basic touch controls [no on-screen joypads and stuff]. You get 5 Different buttons, 2 punches [Left and Right], one for Kick, one button dedicated to blocking and the final one is for performing special moves when the special gauge is full. Buttons are highly responsive and smooth.


FaceFighter Gold boasts smooth graphics and a cartoon-ish theme. Nice and crisp colors with animations look perfect. When you hit your opponent, you can see cartoon animations like Baam!, Kaboom!, Oouch! splashing on the screen in a beautiful way that gives the game a nice animated touch. Your opponents face gets ugly with every successfull hit you land . Graphics will surely remind you of the Kung-Fu movies and cartoons but this time you are the hero.

face fighter game: get ready to attack


I personally think that when it comes to the sounds of the game, it is an absolute winner. FaceFighter Gold has the best sounds a fun game could have with a nice Kung-Fu styled background music to the best sound effects during the fight the game delivers the best audio.

Sentence a bit long winded with no comma, make two sentences or change it so it flows more and has a breathing space.

All the sounds have a funny cartoon-ish tone that enhances your game experience and adds to the overall gameplay.


I believe that FaceFighter game is a nice time killer that will keep you engaged for hours. I think that the game should have in-game achievements as well because not everybody likes to use Feint. All in all Face Fighter Gold is a great game that you can enjoy with your friends and family, but don’t play it in front of the person you are beating in game. [I don’t think anybody likes to see themselves kicked and punched for no reason]


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FaceFighter Gold is developed by Appy Entertainment.