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EA Sports UFC

EA Sports UFC Gets Almost Everything Right

The thing about EA Sports UFC that is easy to notice is that it was definitely made with the fans in mind. As a real life sport, there are certain fighter specific fans, and the way that the game has balanced a lot of the combat without sacrificing the nuanced differences of the various fighters in order to appease the audience is an incredible feat that shows a lot of effort on the developer's part. The end result is a great fighting game that makes you truly feel as if you were in fighting the ring.

What is EA Sports UFC?

UFC is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which is the largest and most famous mixed martial arts promotion company in the world. In their events, fighters from various combat ideologies clash in the ring for a battle of supremacy. EA Sports' UFC aims to bring all of that into a video game. Like many other fighting games, players choose a character and compete in a tournament. But in UFC, fights are not simple button-mashing skirmishes.

The controls of the console version of the game are pretty complex. Intuitiveness is thrown out the window in favor of full and total character control. Everything from the simple haymakers to the complexities of pin-you-down, on-the-mat, full-on grappling have been mapped into actions in the controller -expect to be holding down a lot of shoulder and action buttons while turning the sticks around. This is not a pick-up-and-play kind of game. Like fighting itself, you will need to practice a lot before getting good enough.

On the other hand, the touch screen controls for the mobile app are very simplified, allowing players to execute moves quite easily. The big difference in the two lies in the fact that he mobile app has a lot less moves and some characters borrow animations from one another. Obviously, the mobile version is going to be watered down, but that is a very acceptable trade-off for the chance to take the fight on the go.

Release Date: 20/04/2015

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

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They Look So Real

EA Sports UFC Realistic Fighting

Each of the many fighters in this game has been rendered in amazing detail. The character models look so spot-on that more than half the time, they look almost real. This is especially true when you zoom the camera in for close ups -the effects of the way that the skin is rendered looks very lifelike. Sadly, since mobile hardware can only depict so many polygons and can handle only so many textures, the mobile version of the game is still graphically inferior to the visuals you get on the console.

Everyone is Tougher than Life

EA Sports UFC Wrestling

Wrestling, Muay-Thai, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, and many other forms of combat are represented in the game are and delivered with utmost respect to both the fighters and the martial art they use. Individual stats are based on their career performances -and seem to be nicely indicative of the real thing. But where this game drops the sense of realism is in depicting the constitution of the fighters.

In this game, characters are able to take in punishment that would normally send them down on the mat in real life. It does not matter if its punches, or kicks, or what-else, the durability and resisitance of the in-game characters have been intensified. The reason for this is to provide the game with a way to make fights last even longer -players are able to take more hits in order to support the learning curve of the game. Of course, the tradeoff is that the tension is lessened greatly -much of the excitement in UFC is in knowing that no matter how tough a fighter can be, a few well placed hits can end a match pretty quickly. This level of high-risk combat is taken out of the equation in the game.

The Verdict: Ready for the Ring

It may suck that there are not much in terms of alternatives for UFC fans who like videogames, but the cool thing is that EA has not let anyone down with this game. In here is a game experience that makes fans happy to be fans. The roster features some of the biggest names in the sport, the various combat styles are represented, and the fights themselves are intense and action packed. EA Sports UFC is pretty much everything that a mixed-martial arts and gaming fan would want in a UFC-themed game.

Rating: 91/100


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EA Sports UFC is developed by Electronic Arts.