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Punch Boxing 3D Punch Boxing 3D

Punch Boxing 3D is the result of a developer wishing to put forth a boxing game that looks and plays well, yet also makes a lot of money at the same time. It’s got many favourable elements to its gameplay: an intuitive, tap/swipe-based interface; hyper-realistic graphics; the animations are also wonderfully realistic. However, whether you’ll do well in Punch Boxing 3D depends on how far your wallet opens. It’s a game of extremes, though. On the one hand you’ve got excellent gameplay and challenging opponents, but on the other you’re unlikely to stick with it unless you pay for the privilege of getting ahead. This review looks at the positive aspects of the game, and also at just how intrusive the pay-wall really is for the gameplay.

Real Boxing Real Boxing

Boxing games? They have their place. Boxing themes? Many games have them. But few games can claim to be as realistic a boxing experience as Real Boxing. The graphics in this game alone – based on the Unreal engine, no less – should be enough to pique your interest. What should get you to stay, though, are the superior fighting mechanics, slick presentation, and free-to-play nature of the game. So realistic is the experience that you won’t often be dancing around like Muhammed Ali, but rather learning to bob and weave, slip and catch, and throw punches in gritty, often gruelling matches of endurance and strength under pressure.

Real Boxing 2Real Boxing 2

No one likes the guy that still screams “Adrian” at the top of his voice when anything about the Rocky films is mentioned. Let yourself forget about such tired japery though, by choosing to get involved with Real Boxing 2: Rocky. This is a follow-up to the original Real Boxing, and Real Boxing 2 has the same stunning graphics, plenty of customisation, and of course, the gritty realism that makes it the closest thing to actual, real-life boxing you’ll find on any of the app stores. Oh, and you do get to play as Apollo Creed’s son in one of the gameplay modes, as well as Rocky Balboa himself– shall I assume this will encourage you to read on?

Real Steal World BoxingReal Steal World Boxing

Real? Steel? This game’s name’s already manlier than 90% of the over-compensating men who love to play it, and I’ve not even said the rest of the title yet. Yes, it’s Real Steel World Robot Boxing under review today by Reliance Games. Some may remember the dismal (yet inexplicably high-grossing) Real Steel film with Hugh Jackman, but World Robot Boxing is a Jackman-free affair. And that’s half of the reason it’s so fun to play. This is one for the boxing fans, that is if you like to let increasingly powerful robotic characters do the fighting for you. The game’s free to play, packed with (eventual) upgrades, and plenty of robo-ponents for you to fight. Need more info? Then read the review!

Tower BoxingReal Steal World Boxing

If your old enough to remember a certain arcade game featuring giant monsters called "Rampage" (and much later movie adaptation which is was pretty decent either!) you will see some of it's ideas inherited by this 2D boxing title.

I’ve heard of boxers having opponents that seem to tower over them, but Tower Boxing takes this phrase and makes it as literal is it could possibly be. Tower Boxing is a mobile game that’s not your traditional person approach, but instead, involves you, a human, repeatedly punching and evading the attacks of an entire building. There’s no doubt that the concept is very niche – if you had to categorise it, it would be a sub-style of the city-destroying genre of games – but it’s a concept that works, and is appealing enough to be reviewed here for all you fans of boxing and also violent destruction of opponents in general.

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